My BB Filled LM8UU Type Bearings

by Pierrimus Oct 21, 2014
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This is NOT the way linear bearing work. the balls need to be on a circulating track.

Truth be told I ended up switching to LM8UUs as these tended to have a bit too much resistance and yes, they're rather noisy. They might be fine for getting perhaps a Smartrap or similar small printer going.

Did you find them to be more snug (less slop) then the cheap china lm8uu bearing? l

Have you tried these in a printer design yet? How noisy are they? I've been playing around with BB's and would like to utilize them. They're so cheap!

I have been trying to use the combined ones on my Prusa i3 build for the Y bed. I would say they are more noisy than the bought LM8UU bearings. They might be less so if I used some PTFE based grease (or any type that won't harm the plastic). I've been using Blaster brand The Dry Lube spray for lubricant but you can still hear the BBs as they roll against the rod. As I printed these in PLA, another issue that may come up is the friction/heat problem if your prints are long. I am hoping the grease would help keep the BBs from heating up too much to cause melting/warping of the plastic. With the other designs, they're not drop in replacements for LM8UUs since they have a much larger outer diameter. I was thinking perhaps of using them in a Smartrap or Fabrap type of device, but would have to re-design the parts so these would work. Also, I think I may have the number of BBs wrong for the long ones. I think it is more than the 24 so just keep stuffing them in until the races are full. (Maybe more like 28-32.)

Hi, thanks for response. One question I did have was do the BB's just rotate in place when moving the bearing? I noticed you didn't have "race tracks" so I was curious if they rotate since they're not recirculating?

As far as I can tell, yes they are turning in their races.