32-piece real-size Coffee Table

by wimvd Oct 21, 2014
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Thank you.

Um2+ size is 220x220.

I try it today and I let you know


I try to print on UM 2+ and the part N°23 doesn't fit on my bed?

You said that you print on a standard printer. How can you do that?

Thanks a lot.

Hi jmlalou,

Mmmhhh, what is a "standard printer"? To be honest, I don't think a "standard printer" really exists. My printer is an so-called AM-printer (AM = Additive Manufacturing) printer and my printbed is 20x20x20 cm. Actually my printer is a Felix version 3, comparable to your Ultimaker 2+. I don't know your exact printbed size, but my best guess is that you should rotate slightly. I did so myself (3 years ago) so as to get a better print, try to rotate it 120 degrees counter-clockwise. The easiest place to do that is in your slicer. What do you use for slicing by-the-way?

Alternatively you can load the .stl in any programme capable of handling .stl, e.g. import it in SketchUp itself, rotate it and save out again as .stl format.

Please let me know if this helps, and if you succeed, post a picture!


What infill percentage would you recommend?

Actually, I most often use defaults. I use KISSlicer and the default infill there is 33.3 %. I cannot look back for two years for .gcode or .stl-files, so my best guess would be to use that. But I don't think it is very vital unless you go to the extremes.

The pieces are printed upside down, right? So the layer touching the print-bed will be the visible one on the top of the table?

No, all pieces are printed in the exact same vertical direction as they will be used in the product. By using this I didn't have to add any support, because each piece is completely flat on the lower side. Slice each .STL-file as delivered to get the instructions .GCODE-file for your printer.

Note that I also printed the legs in this direction, especially the lower halves will benefit from a lower speed so to avoid the piece come tumbling down by the vibrations of the printer. I know at least one case where this was crucial for a good print. Of course that is not needed for the blade top parts.

Please upload a photo when you have it, I love the feedback.


Okay, thanks for the clarification. Of course I will upload a photo after completion of this huge print! It will take me a few weeks though.

I love your design, You've done a great job. I'm now beginning on the first part.

Hi dedigiwijzer,

Did you ever finish it?

(en ben je daar dan ook weer wijzer van geworden?)


Hi I love this design. I have been trying to print this on my printer, but due to the size of the bed, i have had to reduce the size of each piece to 75%. After now printing 3 pieces I am finding that when finished they all have small gaps in. Is this something you noticed when you printed yours please? If not can you advise me what I can do so that this does not occur with the other pieces.

Hi Jinja,

Thanks for loving it!

No, I never saw those small gaps you mention. But I also never reduced the size of objects, because it was designed with my own printer in mind which support these dimensions. Only the border between pieces 10 and 14 can show a small gap. That is a mistake in the .STL-files. I still have to repair that some day :-) All others fit very tight in the original design.

I think you will have to look at the slicer you are using. Because the .STL-files only describe the geometric forms the table is made from. The slicer then translates this to the printer you have and determines where to put material and where not, depending on your settings. So look at these parameters first.

If it persists, put up a photo so I can see what you see. Which pieces did you already print?


I would love to make matching end tables as well. :)

Hi bulboboy,

And did you?


Hi All,

I am very sorry to tell you there was a mistake in the set of files published here. Piece nr. 1 (the central item) had a wrong STL-file, this was a file from an earlier test-build. I didn't see, but luckily someone else did it and contacted me privately. I have uploaded the correct file -- Coffee-Table-01-new.STL -- just a minute ago, so hopefully you will forgive me my stupid mistake.

Happy Printing,

I still love this design! I hope I get around to printing it sometime soon. Have you just made the 1 so far?

Hi Bassna,

Yes, I made that one and yet only table. But I known from someone printing it also in a different colour composition, he has already finshed the top layer, now busy with the legs. I've asked him to please publish his result too. I'm very anxious to see another colour set-up.

Actually because he was printing it, he discovered something was wrong with piece #1, that why I re-published that one.

Happy Printing,

can you make all files into stl's?

Mmmh, I don't understand your question. All files are .STL. The .PDF and .PNG are just reference text and reference diagram, not needed for printing.

Did I miss something? Tell me your problem, please.


Part 01 and 03 are both in skp file format and was wondering if you would be able to convert them to an stl format

Oeps, mistake. Sorry.

I uploaded the correct .STL files now. Enjoy.


I can't wait to get all the files 'cause I really want to print this out it will go great w/ my 3D printed chairs lol.

Sorry about the delay. All files are there now including the details specs and the correct layout.

Enjoy printing and drinking coffee around it. Post me a picture!

(3dwim AT wimvd DOT nl)

I am going to need more filament before I can print it but I will most definitely be posting pics of it you can count on that lol.

I agree, wheres the rest? no point putting it up here with out the other peices

To All,

Sorry I didn't upload all the files yet, my computer presented me with some problems :-)

It indeed was a cool process to do! Making a custom layout is quit easy once you understand the trick(s).


P.S. The tools I used: SketchUp, KISS, my 3D-Felix printer, my hands and for a few connections a smaller hammer and a piece of wood to drill it in. No support, only one color to print at one moment, all PLA, no glue, no screws, etc.

What process did you use to design this? How hard would it be to make custom layouts/designs?

I would like to see all 32 pieces as well, I think this would be a cool project, thanks for the idea!

Where are all 32 pieces I only see 1