Bed Upgrade for Prusa i3

by bq3D Jan 14, 2015
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It seems like I can't install a heated pcb am I right?

How many mm should the Frame be from the back plate? I can’t find any instructions that mention this.

Do you have a heated bed solution for this? If so, what are your recommendations?
I was thinking
200x300 PCB heatbed
200x300 Thermal insulator
380w power supply
Thermistor 100k SMD
Thermistor 100k NTC

Please advise?

I've had to buy a wider glass (about 33cm) in order to use the total 30 cm length.

In the width it seems to me that i have to go to arduino and give it a litle more than 20 cm because it seems i'm unnable to print more than 19,6 cm, no mather the dimension of the glass.

At first I tried to change the center in X axis, it stoped printing outside the plate, but stoped in the same place at the far end of the plate, leaving same 4 mm of the plate free to use.

It will be hard to make a hole in each rod at home.

Yes, you are right. For this one we thought on easy on assembly assuming we will sell the kit. In any case, for DIY manufacturing I advice to take a look at the PowerCode (http://reprap.org/wiki/PowerCode) or the GalaCC (http://reprap.org/wiki/GalaCC/es) which implement a very similar system with normal rods.

When is scheduled sale ?


Please send one to Mediamarkt here in Gran Canaria, where i bought the Hephestos ;)