E3D v6 integrated fan layer

by shuttl3d Oct 22, 2014
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che differenza c'e tra supporto aperto e supporto chiuso? grazie

Can you please make a version for 40mm fans instead 30 on the e3d, not just the layer fan.

@shuttl3d i agree with @Naralex

the ducts cools of the heat block and not the printed part... it's a shame that this has not been corrected

silicone socks helps a bit but it does not fix the problem


what about a version with two mounting screws for the fan duct? The fan duct is not very tight, even with a nut....

i use a washer under the nut and the bolt head and then one in between

it makes it tight but can be tricky

the worst problem is that the ducts hit the heatblock and not the printed part. you will need a silicone sock

THanks lots for the share this design friend :) it have served to me very nice. A greeting

very bad blowing. The part does not reach the nozzle. Cools the wrong place. I do not advise him.

suggest an alternative then or make one and share it

won't the abs deform when printing at 240°C +- ?

no... the air just 1-2mm away if far from 240C

try and see how close your finger can be to the nozzle before you feel heat

Can you make this so it can use 2 40mm fans instead of one 40 and one 30?

i used a small fan adapter and not i have a 40mm fan on it :-D

hes asking if you could make an alternate version that fits a 40mm fan

Would you be willing to design one for a Volcano heat block?

Did you ever find something like this for the volcano?

Could u post the sketchup files please?

upload an add on bracket for a Z sensor http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1333097

Auto bed level sensor holder

Could u post the sketchup files please?

Could u post the sketchup files please?

Can you upload SketchUp files please?

Can you post any step files for these? I would like to modify to use a 40mm fan for the E3D to help with noise from the fan.


Sorry but I only have the stl and the SketchUp files :(

Can you add the SkretchUP files then? :)

Hi, in what software did you model this? I have tried similar designs in Rhino, but the fan shrouds on the sides just won't turn out right. The problem is that in Rhino 'shelling' often fails and produces invalid results because Rhino tends to separate the outside and the inside surfaces.

I've used SketchUp to make the design

¡Funciona genial! Muchas gracias.

Seems to fit a bit loose on my E3dv6 1.75mm hotend. Also, the print fan sits very loose between the tabs for mounting. Have to add a few washers inside there to get it to not wobble.
The heatsink fan mount is about 2mm too tall, and touches my heatblock.
Using a ziptie to hold the open version closed around the heatsink doesn't seem to provide quiet enough torque, and still slips around. Going to try scaling this a bit.

Found out the same issue after printing this. I'm also using a v6 bowden version.

I'm experience similar problem. Also using e3d v6 1.75mm Bowden.

Thanks for your comment! We are going to fix the problems! We did not have these problems, but we will review what you say