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by 3DKitbash Oct 23, 2014
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I noticed the logo sitting inside the print, that's a nice touch. Cool work dude.

Hi there, I printed this cute little ghost and love it. while playing around with it I noticed that if the hole in the back of the tongue was slightly altered then the tongue could actually be used to flick a light switch. I'm not experienced enough with modeling to attempt it but if you made an altered version that could be adhered to a light switch plate and used to turn lights on and off that would be super cool and I and others would definitely like it. it would be a great glow in the dark print! Thanks for the great model!

Brand nubie to the 3d print world. With one successful print, post calibration. Your finish on this and the skull w/brains... What is it? Your work is awesome. Oh also do you have any recommendations for CAD? You strike me as a from scratch designer and I would very much like to as well.

Thanks! :) I use Freeform and ZBrush for my sculpting. ZBrush is pretty standard for most people to learn on. ...Freeform is a bit tougher and you'll probably want to find a free cad program to learn on in the early stages. - I don't think I know exactly what you mean by finish? The prints that I print are all done with no supports and no material applied to the parts after printing. Everything just pops together, or it's printed as one piece. - The 'main' image is a render for optimal visible detail when viewing the image. :) - I hope that helps. Thanks for checking out our stuff, and good luck on printing. it's a ton of fun.

Could you make a dual extruder version of this? So the tongue can be a different color?


Could you make a dual extruder version of this? So the tongue can be a different color?


I use Simplify3D and I was able to "separate connected surfaces" and make it two separate parts that I was then able to print with a white body and red tongue.

This is doable, but no way to put the parts together after. IF, you print separately. So don't do that! I tried and broke both of them.

Awesome stuff you have on here!! And from Ohio too!! Definitely gonna try some of your prints out ASAP!!

Thanks! Please post pics. :) You can definitely live comfortably in Ohio. And the toy history in this and the surrounding area is great. ...Also have you heard something about a Proto-Bar in Dayton? Haven't been there yet, but it sounds cool. 3D Printers and beer.

This looks awesome! Would it be possible to post the 2 seperate files for the body and the tongue? I would love to print it in 2 different colours :)
Red tongue, green body.

Hi Steve, Thanks for checking out the ghost. - Currently the way the ghost is setup to print with the tongue positioned to work straight from the build platform prevents the printed ghost from being assembled after printing. ...As in, if a person was to print the parts separately, they are not designed to easily click together once complete. ... But there may be a way to print the parts in differing colors if you have a dual extruder. I'll look into how to setup/upload files fro duel extruding and see if that helps. ~Q (sorry, for rambly reply)

I LOVE THIS GUY! I had time to print only one decorative item this Halloween, and this was it. Now that Halloween is over, I can't bring myself to pack him away with the other decorations. Now he's hanging on the wall near the entrance to my workspace, and I make him stick out his tongue each morning for good luck.

Since Halloween, I've found myself spending a few minutes each day working on him. First, it was sanding down printing artifacts here and there. Then, when it was clear he was going to be a 365-days-a-year-friend, I started making more drastic changes. It bothered me that I couldn't work the tongue while he was hanging on the wall. To enable that, I drilled a hole on his underside so I could tie a pull-string to his tongue and thread it through the hole. Then I took some elastic cord and tied it so it pulls the tongue back in. I've got it working well, but it would've been easier if some slight alterations were done to the model to facilitate it. I'll be sure to post a "make" photo that illustrates my alterations when I finally stop messing with him.

THANKS FOR MEGA GHOST! I appreciate the professional quality of the modeling, the thought that went into making him printable, and his face cheers me whenever I see it.

Hi Stephen! Man thanks a ton for printing the mega ghost and for the great write-up on your experience. Natalie and I both really appreciate it and were reading over it here in the office yesterday. Multiple times. :) And I can't tell you how many times I was looking at your buggy eye print to try and figure out how it might work with a costume. At first it was looking like my girlfriend and I were going to be Miss Piggy and Kermit (which would have worked) but that was switched to Tobby and Sarah from Labyrinth. So no eyes yet, but probably soon just to goof off. They're a smart design that just looks great. And your pictures are great too. - Was very happy to see it featured.

Thanks again Stephen. You really made our day. ~Q

This printed amazingly well, with the moving tongue. Would love to see more toys of this sort!

Nice design. Printered at 50% and turned out great. Showed it to others, thay got a big laugh and loved it. Keep up the good work.
Thank you, Ed

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Loving these models. This is fantastic! Can't wait to print one.