Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

raspberry pi old still camera

by Jhack Oct 24, 2014
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There seems to be a piece missing, There is "back" that the bellows fits into and there is backdoor which has the three feet, but this clearly dosen't fit into the "back" nor does the raspberry pi base.

hi, im so sorry the back.stl is an old version, the replacment for it is old_camera_back.stl

Got it... By the way I'm printing this finally and and making modified versions for Pi2 and optionally a Nextion 2.4 Touchscreen on the back:


Printing now and testing

I've made several modifications to my build of this camera.

  1. Added a shutter pushbutton switch on the camera, wired in parallel with the handheld cabled shutter pushbutton switch. Adding to portability when used as a regular camera.

  2. Added a 2.5mm headphone jack to the camera and 2.5mm headphone plug to the handheld shutter pushbutton switch cable so that the cable is easily connected disconnected when I want to use the camera without the cabled switch and use the added shutter switch above.

  3. For the Print/Save slide switch I used a slide switch with a long/tall slide and cut a hole in the case so that it can be switched without opening the case.

  4. Modified camera script so that pics are saved to a mini thumb drive plugged into the Pi's USB

  5. Used a single multicolor LED with a small clear "gemstone" over the hole/LED which looks very vintage as opposed to an LED on an vintage camera.

  6. I also created a bracket that holds a USB Battery Bank on the back. I use an inexpensive 10000mah bank with a 2amp and a 1amp usb ports. It works well on 1amp but I use the 2amp and I get over 8 hours of continuous use. Its more than that but when testing I didn't expect it to last that long and left it on all day and when I went to bed I left it on with more than half of the battery capacity left. I don't know when it finally turned off during the night so I'm just saying 8 hours because I personally experienced that much. If you use the 1amp port it should last a LONG time. As if 8 hours isn't enough.

These mods have made it very nice for portability. You can carry it with you, use in a photobooth without electricity, etc. etc. etc Probably adds to longevity as well as I never have to open the camera. When I get home I just remove the thumb drive and copy the pics over.

I'm printing another with my modified parts for another camera which I will detail much more nicely and will upload pics when complete.

If you have any other ideas let me know and maybe I'll incorporate them and modify any files need and upload them all.

Have fun!


Will you be posting a remix?

Something in particular you want to know? Adding a single RGB LED is just a matter of moving the wires that went to the other two deleted LEDs and not adding the LEDs, the headphone jack switch option is just a matter of adding a shutter switch and headphone jack to the case wired in parallel to the original shutter button.

Thanks for the new pics and the wiring diagram. I do believe there is an error on the diagram. Shouldn't the purple wire connect to the breadboard at the opposite end of the resistor R3 for the green LED?

yep your right, i fixed that now thanks

I am making this thing. looks good, would be nice to have an ssembly drawing to keep the parts straight.
I would love to know if you have a python script... currently using ssl. oh and batteries???
I also had to cut a clearance for gpio pin connectors as they are taller than expected.
perhaps the pi a+ might work with a different backboard. then you would get more battery life out of it.
does make a splendid raspbery pi case.

Hi, iv added some files and i hope they will help (python scripts), i didn't use batteries as i had it setup to print the photo out like a photo booth, so being plugged in was no big deal for me.

Printed Lens and had a very hard time with this part. I'm using the Cube2 printer and the only way I could print it was by orienting it face down and adding supports, but Cubify software added insane amount of support that I spent 30 minutes cutting away leaving behind a lot of messy textures and bits.

Hi, Sorry to hear the troubles i printed it on a makerbot replicator 2 facing up with supports, i spilt it up into 3 separate files hope this helps, i haven't had a change to test print the files as yet.

Cool. I'll try those. in the end it was kinda ok, just sloppy due to the removal of so much support material. I'm finding the Cube software a little disappointing.

This is great. You could start some basic docs though, for example how many of each part is needed. What holes are not done yet etc....
Also do you have photos of the Pi and camera installed inside this thing?

I too am awaiting pics of this.

hey, that's is a good idea iv been very busy and haven't had time to do much.