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Sony XPERIA Z3 case

by nwesthoff Oct 26, 2014
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This did not fit my z3v (the verizon version). So I adjusted it and also added the lip for face down. Great design. Actually fits so well, I can't get it back off.

Great model. Would you share the SolidWorks model of 2.4.1? I made one, which does fit like a glove, but I'd like to make a couple of changes which would be easier with the native CAD.

I couldn't find the file for 2.4.1 anymore, but I did upload the 2.4.5 SLDPRT for you! I hope that's still of use to you.

Fits perfectly. I like it pretty much.

Be sure to add a picture over at the "made" section! :)

make it fit the xperia z3 compact :D

Send me a Z3 compact and I will! :D
Sorry dude, I have no reference for it to make it fit a Z3 compact, it takes a lot of trial and error before it fits as perfectly as this does.

is it posible to make so you can use the micro USB port

Sure! Should I close off the dock connector, or would you like that to be open as well?

yes. leave the dock connector open as well

Hi PatrikAa,

Had a busy week, but I added the file for you. I haven't had time to print one to check if it lines up nicely. But it should be fine, Let me know if you need anything else!

Okay, give me a few days, I'll get it done! :)

id just like to say thank you and the case looks great on my new phone,
is there a chance that you could upload the original creation file, for me to tinker and edit. please :)

i want a editable case that i can open in inventor.

thank you

First of all, glad that you like it! Could you upload a picture to the 'made' section? I'd love to see it!

I included an sldprt file, which is a SolidWorks file. It's everything I have as I have designed the case in SolidWorks. I could try to export it to something else but I have no clue how it would translate to inventor.

ok thank you, i have now uploaded a picture of the case, cant wait until my red filament arrives, will upload another picture then. going to try and open the file in auto desk inventor fusion.

could you please make or edit the 1st or 3rd variation of the case to fit in the design of this iPhone case (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:580433)

again thank you.

iphone 5 hexagon case

Looks good! I might, but not anytime soon as I am fairly busy with other things. But I'll put it on my to-do list :)

Hi! Do you know if it could be sized-down for a z3 compact?

You can't just scale it down a certain percentage. You'll have to edit the (parametric) SolidWorks file to get the positioning of the buttons/thickness etc. correct, which is very possible. Unfortunately I don't have a Z3c at hand to get the dimensions right.
Luckily AxxAxx made a remix here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:521078 which does fit the Z3c. The downside is that, that's based on an older design and it has an open back. Which might not be what you're looking for.

by AxxAxx

For what wall thickness was this modelled? I've tried printing it with a 1mm wall and it doesn't quite fit the phone

Is it too tight or too loose?
I've used a 1mm shell when designing the model (so the case is 1mm thick). When printing I used a 0.06 layer height with a shell thickness of 0.8 mm (2x 0.4mm nozzle thickness) and 20% infill at 215 degrees with Silver PLA. I also always have flow set to 110%. I hope this helps.
Please add it to the 'made' section if it worked out!

The one I printed is too tight. I can get the phone in but you can see that the top and bottom aren't fully contained because the cover bends away from the phone. I'll print it again with a 0.8mm shell thickness and get back to you.
Thanks for the quick reply (and the model!)

Sorry bit late. Reprinted it and it still doesn't fit. Can't try toying around with scaling atm as my printer broke.

Are you printing in ABS or PLA? ABS is known to shrink about 2% when cooled down whereas PLA does not. If you're printing ABS I think a 102% scale should work, otherwise there's a problem with the printer, because BJohnsto and I have both printed it succesfully.