Rumba Case with Full Graphic Smart Controller and 80mm Fan

by e-nozzel Oct 26, 2014
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Good Morning. Is there anyway to make this to fit on a flsun prusa I3? A bracket of some sort?

the fuck is this? http://prntscr.com/l8lfko
am i supposed to cut that off to get the board in??? why is it even designed like that?

the fu???

2.nd question: yes, of course.
3.rd question: because it´s built-in-support for the fanguide-like part above it.

Fantastic case, all in one design is what I was looking for. Thank you for this beautifull case.

I would love to see a version for MKS GEN 1.4 board also.

Really nice and clean design.

What size fan did you use? 80x80x15? or 25?

this is for 80x80x25mm fans.

i am pretty sure that the 15mm version doesnt fit... :/

i didnt found any dimensions of that board. do you have one to your hand to measure it?

i need the over-all-dimensions of the pcb and were the holes placed... (upload a Picture here as make)

Looks like the Rumba board is slightly bigger... if i only have to punch some new holes i can quickly upload a new Version...

Is it possible to get this thing to fit with MEGA and RAMPS? It is really the nicest one on Thingiverse I think!

i´m still working on a ramps Version... did 3 ones already... None worth uploading cuz all designs went to the trashcan...

the base Needs to get around 10-15mm higher because the mega+ramps+display-adapter is so much higher than the Rumba...

also the airflow isnt good at all...

i´m into a last try for this Weekend. also planed for the next one i will print for me is a Version with a hinge between the base and the part wich fits the Display+Fan so you can use the Thing with "open case" to trim the Steppers or get some wiring done...

Version wich fit 60x60 and 40x40 fans are also on the list. the 80x80 fan is slightly overdose...

Thank you so much! :) It is incredible how you seek to make the perfect design taking everything into consideration, I show you gratitude :)

here we go :P

please take some pics and upload them so i can delete this crappy Pictures out of the file...

and give me Feedback how it prints and what could be added! ;)

Ramps Case with Full Graphic Smart Controller and 60mm Fan

The Mega-ramps Version with hinge is close to Upload... Airflow isnt perfect but i get it done without making the base much higher (2mm) , geting the 60x60mm Fan into it and reduced the footprint of the base to 80x100mm.
I hope to get it managed to Upload it till sunday... ;)

I love this thing, but i wanted to try and remix it for more of a hexagon themed enclosure for a new delta that i am working on.

two words: EPIC Fail.

Any chance you could post a hexagon version of the cooling tube set and possibly the knob?

here we go.... ;)


plz post pics if you make them!

Hexagonic Theme for Rumba Case with Display

I have printed this it works great.
Thanks for sharing ;).

Great work.
Is it possible to have a model of the case top witch is simpler to print and does not have a fan.
This is going on an ultimaker and the electronics are all taken care of.

If you don't have the time to modify your design, I would be quite happy to modify it myself in CAD format.

It took my printer 12 hours to print Case_Top_80x80. Seems too long. How long did it take your printer to do that?

12 hours? too much for my patience.... :D
mine was printed with ABS in around 3 hours without support.

layerheight 0.38mm, nozzel diameter 0.5mm, 3 Perimeters and 30% honeycomb infill

whats your Setup?

Wow! 3 hours! I knew that 12 hours was crazy slow. I'm using PLA with:
layer height 0.2mm,
nozzle diameter 0.4mm,
infill 25%.

May I ask you what slicer did you use? I used Cura 15.

I used slic3r for this one.

You need to raise the Layer height. 0.38mm should make around 6h out of that nasty 12hour thing...

If you Do so also raise the extrution widght to 0.5mm.

And then you have to raise the feedrates to get the desired printing Time. Next -> pray that it comes out fine! ;)

Thanks again for your advice. Even 6 hours is a great improvement compared to 12h!

Will this fit anywhere on the prusa i3v 12"? Or would I have to make a special bracket for it?

this Thing includes Clips for a mendelmax (90mm) and a t-max(100mm) lower Frame with 2020 extrusions.

so if your prusa has 50 oder 60mm distance between the two lower Frames extrusions then this Thing fits on the Frame, but not anywhere on the Printer...

Great design! Any chance of one for RAMPS?

YES! i've ordered a smart-Controller with Display today. :)

this time with the small Display:

i'm going to make a case to fit it on my ramps1.4 controlled mendelmax in the next weeks.

Any news about the case for ramps ? :D It's a great design.

the ramps case is ready :)

not with the small Display but with the big one. (i bought one of the "small" ones, thoose got a bigger pcb than the "big" one...)

bla bla, here it is :)

Ramps Case with Full Graphic Smart Controller and 60mm Fan