Titanic: The last voyage playset

by adamrw91 Feb 18, 2013
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Here's a weird thing that happened to me for the first time in four years of 3D printing on 6 different machines of basically all main forms of filament based printers- I printed the ship out at a diagonal angle, blown up to 120% of the original size in PLA+ (which my 10 year old daughter and I highly recommend for bright colors, consistent spools, and comparably low price- almost the same as regular PLA $21-25/kg depending on color and without the whole list of standard PLA shortcomings including the layer lines at .2mm being nearly invisible yet just as pronounced to the touch. Best pink filament on the market according to the young lady who prints stuff on her own to sell to her friends, but that isn't the point). The ship turned out great at 120% with my regular Cura settings for PLA+. The only "icy" color I had on hand for the iceberg was also eSun, but their optically clear PETG. Considering this print is a housewarming gift for a new neighbor, and my desk is right next to the printer I was using, I kept a close eye on it. I blew up the iceberg to 200% of original for extra menace and used my normal Cura PETG settings. Its printed the first 30% fine, then the printer started pausing for one second between each layer. It finished looking great as the design pictures suggest (kudos to the designer on the complex realistic shape), but now everything I've printed afterwards pauses for one second between layers. For big stuff it's no big deal, but when I need a single spinner cap in one color, it's about as irritating as the Mock-yeah-Ing-yeah-yeah?-yeah! song from Dumb and Dumber. I've been working on printing out a 15-20 color version of the popular BraBeest design (thing 48087) and rather than print out a single plate with all the parts needed for one layer in just under three hours, I broke the parts into 11 plates of each piece with enough quantity for five segments of the structure. If you pay attention and start the next print within 10-15 minutes of the last one finishing, you can get an extra segment in the same time, or two extra segments if you're really Johnny on the Spot with it. The last plate is a 30 minute print containing 30 of the 1cm connecting pins. It paused between each one on each layer every time for all 24 layers of the print, doubling the print time while doing its best to insult anyone who either has or once had a stuttering problem. Very tough not to swear here.

I've closed and restarted Cura, deleted all of the gcode files I've made since the iceberg, remade them and used a new SD card, freshly formatted to print from directly, and even made 30 plates of a simple flat square and a variety of other real prints of different complexity levels and dimensions with every setting that wont kill a print to mess with toggled through all options. I've rebooted the computer, let the printer rest for a half hour unheated both turned on and off, checked inside the control box for scorching on the circuit boards or the MOSFETs I installed a few months back to prevent the electrical burnouts from the bed heat current I've gone through with other machines. I restarted the iceberg print from the same gcode file since the beginning printed out fine until it was a couple of cm tall and the pausing started. It did its layer pause song and dance from the first layer onward. Finally, I even had a friend pick a simple random object from thingiverse, slice it according to my machine specs and standard material settings and email me back the gcode file. Paused between layers, but not on his end. I haven't messed around with any settings in the printer firmware itself beyond my SOP every print setup routine of preheating the nozzle and bed, raising the Z height to 25mm-ish so there's clearance for my fat Irish hands to clip away any ooze from the nozzle a few degrees before the print starts. I checked through all of the printer menus just in case and came up empty. Essentially, everything I've listed here that I've done has had zero impact in any way from that one second pause between layers. HELP!!!

Still though, if theres a quick fix to this, I'd highly recommend this print as totally worthwhile. The iceberg detail is incredible when its not pausing out constantly and the ship will most likely look amazing with a glossy paint job the same style as the real thing. Pretty good gift as well- once post processed, it would look great on some kind of executive's desk or on a side table positioned just right. The only thing I'd add or try to find in a separate design is a model of a pier surface and a gangway leading up into the ship along with tiny skeleton figures wearing period clothing as they wait in line to board and step off of dry land for the last time. I gave the one I made away as a gift, so didn't check the license, but with this little addition, you could easily snag $100 or more for the kit if the designer would allow it. Great job on this even if it did break my setup.

I've got a sinking feeling that it will come out nicely on my MendelMax 3...

Thanks! Our cub scout banquet theme this year is Fire & Ice, so I'm thinking of printing some of the icebergs scaled up as big as I can and in transparent filament, but hollowed out to accept a neopixel ring and some electronics, so that they flicker on slowly but come up to glow red and orange inside like they were burning with an inner fire. I just wasn't sure how to model the icebergs until I found this. You rock!

yeah a dice to roll to see how many thousands of people die and a coin to see if jack freezes to the piece of wood or freezes and then slipps into the ocean! haha

This should be called Titanic The Game and it should come with either a coin to flip or dice. Love it! Dark Humor!

Nice! I love the instructions, too.

awesome yet twisted, good job

Thanks for sharing...

no problem! :)

i was going to do that actually with black white and red. But I just wanted to print it as fast as possible so i just used a sharpie to paint it black.

Did you swap the filament while it was printing? Nice touch.