RepRap Discount LCD Screen LaserCut Wood or Plexiglass Case-cover with mount for Prusa I3 or any other 3d Printer

by darude Oct 27, 2014
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Hi, Darude.

thank you for the files, but the fileformat is to new for my Coreldraw, will not open files 9 and upwards....... :(
can you try it in svg or dxf???? just for my convenience. :)

Hi, Darude.

can you please uppload in dxf or pdf. I can for some reason not open and cut this file.....

Hi RikkiNelson

Added photo with order of assembly, also you can look in source file, all layers have correspondig number for assembly.

What would be the sequence of assembly ? which plate goes where?

all layers in source file has assembly numbers) Also photo has numbers for assembly.