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Dr Boo's Parameterised FSR Groove Effector for Delta Printers

by DrBoo Oct 28, 2014
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Ed Lep's original provides an interesting solution to this "under pressure continuously" problem, though I had not realised why his design did what it did. Now it's clear. In his design, the FSR are on their own platform which is shielded from pressure by legs on the upper platform. In normal operation, there is slight pressure on the FSR and downward pressure on the head. When the head hits a surface, it presses the lower FSR platform up, which presses the FSR against the button. This also pushes up the upper platform, which is resisted by the springs and pushes the whole lot down. I will revise my design accordingly. Also, the effector in this release seems to print really oddly and I will revisit that very soon with an update.

Isn't it problematic to have the FSR's under pressure continuously? I was under the impression that this significantly reduces their lifespan, which is why I avoided this configuration when I was trying do so something similar: https://plus.google.com/112605652687169110943/posts/5sUwXUHt5xV

In any case, I couldn't get my design to work reliably. I ended up abandoning the whole FSR approach and going for contacts: https://plus.google.com/112605652687169110943/posts/VLjQCJzKvAu

But that method, while usable, has it's own problems as well. :/

Thank you for the shout out!!!