Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Dr.RobotLabs Repstrap Openscad Library

by htsrjdrouse Feb 19, 2013
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i am building something similar, the outer dimensions will be 580x520x520. im also using open rail and v bearings instead of smooth rod, although i may decide to change it up and use smooth rods for the z axis, as that wont suffer as much abuse as the x and y. currently i have a prusa mendel, and i think the whole moving bed is stupid. it makes the whole thing wobbly and it makes the footprint of the whole machine large, i think the darwin and ultimaker style is the best way to go.

thanks for the feed back I am working on improving the frame by putting corner brackets, also I want to make the openscad library less cryptic by having some more examples. ideally I want to have the frame sort of scaleable the designer can input the variables the thing changes size

looks a bit like my repstrap
nice work in scad. one thing i would do, is add linear bearings (LM8UU or something) to the z-Axis. Just 2 additional rods in z-direction, since the threadded rods do not define the bed in xy-direction (this tends to wobble)

reprap cube - speed optimized, big built aerea, replicating
by goaran

Yes its a derivative or yours and original Darwin. I like the box thing, because you can enclose it, you can snap on various positioning rods ... the thing about your smooth rod idea is that it was so wobbly for me, but the smooth rod solution is available as functions in this openscad file - smoothCornerscadA() and smoothcornerelement() ... its just not on this design, I guess want to assembly various optional functions and end users decide what they want.

you should definitely look at the z-axis of cartesio by mauk. if i´m getting it right, they added linear brass bushings below and above their platform mountings right on the threaded rods. it seems to give sufficient stabilityy to the axis.

btw. i´m building a cubish cartesian out of extruded aluminum too, and searched for inspiration on designing the z axis, as right now I'm finished with the y and x axis.

Good work you two !

Another thing I was thinking was have 2 z drive motors with the option of reprogramming one of them to make a pump or something. Also the brackets are such so you can easily mount another motor. You can also mount smooth rods for positioning stuff easy (ie., chemistry monkey bars).