Klein Bottle

by kelsorj Dec 20, 2010
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I rotated it 90 degrees in HeeksCad before printing.
I tried using Freecad but it showed an invisible object?
Anyway, The first few layers when printing standing up makes perimiters that are like 3mm apart hehe. I guess It would need support material to start. Too bad one can't tell slicer to only generate outer support material.

I am printing this at 10% scale and it still has like 4mm thick walls.
Isn't it a tad excessive?
I'd like to print one with single-layer walls if possible. Most likely with some added perimiters on the lowest angles.

Thanks the print turned out great. I've always wanted a Klein bottle but the glass ones are expensive

When you scaled it down did it even need support material to do the handle? Glad you liked it. A buddy turned me on to this guy at Duke http://www.cs.duke.edu/~edels/Tubes/http://www.cs.duke.edu/~edels/...

He's got some crazy knots and tubes ready to be printed.

Time on a Thing-O-Matic with MK6 and 1.75mm filament is 4:50!

I love the pattern that the Thing-O-Matic used when making the support structure. Does it actually even make contact with the handle? It almost looks like the handle is floating about the support material.

beautiful. how long did the print take?

With medium density fill and fine print speed it took 11 hours and 30 minutes. It used up about 70g of ABS.

Ummm... okay. Guess I'm not printing it any time soon. Can you make a smaller derivative? :)

Or scale down in ReplicatorG like I did...

It only took me about a half hour or so. But then it was tiny.

11 HOURS!!!!