Plastruder MK5 Solidworks 2011 Model

by kai Dec 19, 2010
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Hey Kai, Thanks for this - very helpful. Last night I assembled most of the main components of a Thing-o-matic in Solidworks 2010. (Lasercut parts + slides + motors + your extruder). It need more work before it's uploadable, but I can share the work in progress if you / anyone would find it helpful - or want to help finish it.

hi Ew,

I would love to have Thing-o-matic model. I wish I can have one full automatic machine to print parts for me. It helps a lot if people want to do some hacks.

My Mac died a death :( When it's repaired, I'll get the model online. Should be a week or so.


Very nicely done. Can you tell me about the Tormach aspect of it? I've got a cnc mill and every time I look at the primitive motion-control on the Mendel and others, it makes me want to just bolt an extrusion head on the cnc. Have you done this? If so, what is the configuration you're using?


It still in progress. Currently, I am write my own extruder firmware and my own perl script to handle the g-code. I am using Mach3 as CNC control software with my own M-code to talk to extruder via serial port. I also hack the coolant control and use as extruder on/off control. Here is some picture that I did: http://picasaweb.google.com/mezlxx/3DPrinterOnFireballCNC#http://picasaweb.google.com/me...

I will make another post if everything works will.

Please keep us posted on your progress. I am also running Mach on my Denford Easimill 3. I've been wanting to hit our Mendel with a bat for quite some time, but I won't do it until I've got a working alternative...

c ;)


I make another post about how to run 3D printer under Mach3.


3D Printing on CNC using Mach3
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