Laser cut Nixie Tube clock powered by Arduino

by jgarland79 Feb 20, 2013
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Hi, thanks for posting this. How did you disable the master I2C on the board? I ordered one but don't have it yet.
The schematic online states:

"2. Module DS1 becomes the clock master. Any saved settings such as DIMMING or 12/24
hour display mode are stored there. If the modules are moved, whichever module is
plugged into DS1 will become the master and revert back to the factory default settings."

I assume it has something to do with the S0-S3 switches?
Thank you!

I did change the switches to disable the master. I'll have to take a look at it when I get home next week to tell you how I set them.

I did get the board, however I'm still not sure how to disable it. Did you get a change to look?

Hi, I figured it out. DS1 is the clock master because S0 is open, and that creates an address with LSB set to 1. This in I2C addressing designates a master. So simply flipping A1 on DS1 to the ON position will create an address that has LSB set to 0 or 1110. The Arduino is now able to communicate.

Just search for "IN-18 Nixie" on ebay. The seller that I purchased from is no longer selling them.

jgarland79 do you have links to the Ebay page?

I got the tubes off eBay. They aren't cheap.

Awesome Nixie Clock, man! Where did you get the bulbs?

I uploaded a 2.55mm version if you would like to have Seeed Studio cut the parts for you with their 2.55mm material