Extending Wolverine Claws

by atartanian Oct 31, 2014
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Realmente funcionan muy bien.
They work really great!!

This is one of great design! But i think it would be awesome if you can add alternative case than can be hold with bare hand. So you don't need gloves to wear it

would the individual files work better than the single file?

They might. If your printer is having issues with the combined file such as stringing or the extruder knocking the pieces off of the print bed, you might try printing the individual files. But you could also try to solve those underlying issues since they will affect the quality of all prints that your machine is outputting.

Awesome design! Thanks for sharing. I'm on my 4th set now. My son, who is 4, loves it. Is there any way you can have 3 individual .stl files for just the claw segments? The reason I printed so many sets is that he breaks a claw or 2 every once and a while. And NO, he does not hit things with them or stuff like that. He loves the noise they make when they deploy. He breaks it by pushing them back in against the couch or his legs. So printing a segment of a claw would be a lot Quicker than the whole part.. LOL. Printed on UM2 no tweaking. Prints awesome every time. Thanks again.

ummmm SCRATCH that last comment. I swear I didn't see the files before! Man I feel dumb........ Thanks AGAIN for a great design..

I've printed SO many of these things. The claws were good for my 6 year old son at current size. Scaled up 1.5x and they are even more awesome! I took video of them and they work well! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152909513810622

One issue - it seems that if the top extendable part goes down first, and turns a bit, it can get stuck. I use a rubber band to keep the end caps on fearing that a stuck claw wouldn't be good with a glued on end cap.

At 1.5x, printing two claws (0.3 layer height) and two caps takes roughly 15 hours on a Flashforge Creator Pro.

About how long would this take to print?

If I remember correctly, printing two claws took about 5 hours on my Makerbot Replicator 2

How do you attach this to your hand?

I bought a cheap pair of winter gloves (the kind you would cut off to make fingerless gloves) and then i just cut 3 holes to line up with the claws.


This one was the next one on my list after the lightsaber. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:572485
Cool. Well done.

Customizable crossguard lightsaber, from The Force Awakens

Thanks! You guys beat my out the gate with the lightsaber idea. Telescopes are a really awesome way to create large objects in a small print volume. I've been experimenting with MUCH larger prints for instance an 11 foot long lightsaber ;)

You were able to print a lightsaber and get it to extend to 11 feet?

First off, that's pretty cool.

Second, I tried to print a saber, and the bottom part shrank a bit and it ended up being scrap. Did you print with ABS or PLA?

Yup I printed it in PLA. It makes for an awesome battle heralding trumpet :)

Did you really just spam his comments with a re-direct back to your thing? wow that is pretty conceited.

I think LeFabShop's lightsaber is pretty awesome and definitely a reasonable thing to post here since it uses the same printing technique.

Comments deleted.

Very cool. Alas my printer perhaps is not so finely calibrated yet and most of the parts got stuck. Would you have STLs of the individual pieces separated? I know it is not so much fun as having it all printed at once, but it is a possible workaround for poor fellows like me :)

Ok added individual files for all of the parts!

Actually managed to get your original files to print. I had my slic3r settings make no retractions for movements < 2 mm and this caused the parts to stick. It printed VERY WELL. Thank you for sharing this very nice design.

Glad to hear it worked! Thanks for uploading a make :)

Thanks! I now realize it may be tricky to print such tall structures, but I will try.

Whoa is this preassembled?? Nice!!!!

Thanks! yeah telescopes are an interesting way to achieve large size objects on a limited build plate.

This is way too cool. HAHA I love the video!

Any recommended print settings?

I printed these on a MakerBot Replicator 2 using a standard .4 mm nozzle and sliced with default slicing settings:

.2 mm layer height,
no raft (though it will probably print fine with a raft),
no supports,
2 shells.

These should print without having to put down any infill (as long as you have a .4 mm nozzle). They might be hard to print well with a larger nozzle because they have precisely .8 mm wall thickness. Generally, you want to have little or no stringiness and good surface quality so you will want to tune your printer to make sure you get a smooth outer surface. The smoother the surface, the better the pieces will slide.

If you print it, post a make :D

Very cool! You should add a strap mount of some type to the underside.

Good idea! If you watch the video you can see I used basic elastic winter gloves which did a great job of keeping the claws in place, but a strap would also work. I'll have to think about the best configuration to position the straps...

Very cool!
But, no video of extending action awesomeness?
Sad times.