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by NickAmes Dec 22, 2010
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Hello Dear Friend

I am commercial expert of Atidam Co .
Our company is in the field of Ostrich growing.
We are going to do ostrich eggshell designing by a machinery system
Im looking for a kind of engraving , carving and designing machinery for designing ostrich eggshells
Can CNC Eggbot Machinery do such a designing as may demand for ostrich?
please help me which kind of machinery can I use for this regard?
please send me your reply by email

Thank you
Miss Elham Ghorbani
Tel: +989121197998
viber or whats app: +989121197998

Email: [email protected]
Websites: www.emu.ir

Neat, but I feel compelled to point out that this is actually not the same geometry as the eggbot: it uses cylindrical, not spherical coordinates. It can do things that the eggbot cannot, and vice versa.

Good point; it is more similar to a rotary axis on a cnc machine than the EggBot.

This is great Ive wanted an eggbot for a while. Now someone figure out how to hook this attachment to an Epilog for etching curved surfaces. Then figure out how to print an Epilog. :-)

don't epilogs have an optional rotary attachment? (uses a stepper motor!)

yes, it costs $1300.

i was just discussing buying an eggbot kit or trying to figure out how to make 1 myself. I couldn't find too much info on it so this is great. Ask and the universe gives. Thanks this is so sweet


Neat.. Is your pen holder spring loaded then so it stays on the surface at all times? I'm curious how you are getting it to always touch the surface without knowing the size of the object in software..

*Updated Pen Plotter Attachment

Cool! Was wondering if you'd made it or if it was still a work in progress.

Have you tried the additive version of a lathe yet, building up plastic around an axle of some kind?

I've built it, but the stepper motor I'm using isn't a very high resolution, so I haven't been able to do much with it.

I haven't tried printing on it yet, although it seems like it should be possible, given the fact the Mendels have been shown to print upside down.

how does the upside-down mendel relate to this?

Clothbot was wondering if I had tried using the plastruder to print on an object in the device, and I haven't, but I think it should be possible, because if the mendel can print upside down it means adhesion shouldn't be a problem, even as the object is rotated.

Brilliant idea! That's a great way to reuse the existing axes and controllers.

I always wanted to print some kind of eggbot. But I'd never thought of using the Makerbot's existing mechanics for that. Tha's just ingenious!