Death Gun(Desu Gan)

by ferreusveritas, published

Death Gun(Desu Gan) by ferreusveritas Nov 2, 2014
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Death Gun from Sword Art Online(Gun Gale Online)

I just set up a shop on Shapeways. This mask is available for sale.

Version 2

This design has been scaled by 120% of it's previous size to fit the average adult sized head.
Warped the back edges of the mask out a little for more comfort. Added a buckle hole to the top of the mask. Files are better separated with the ready-to-print mask still included.

Ready to print file should fit snugly on Makerbot Replicator 2.
Whole mask file included for those who would like to cut for printing in a different way.

How I Designed This

Designed from official reference art in Blender and Inkscape. Artistic license was employed to adapt it from anime art to fit a real human head.



  • Bottom and Top(or whole mask)
  • 2X vent
  • 2X lens retainer
  • 4X lens spacer
  • 5X buckle
  • 5X buckle bushing

Print pieces, cut off helper discs, superglue halves together. Ready-to-print mask file is designed to be printed without supports. A lens file was added but is not meant to be printed(unless you can print a clear lens). It's just for reference. Lens spacers are meant to hold 2 35mm lenses together with a colored acetate sandwiched between them.

Mask takes:

  • 3 X #8x1/4 Machine Screws for front(optional, thread directly into plastic)
  • 5 X #10x1/4 Machine Screws for buckles(optional for buckle attachments)
  • Elastic and/or velcro for fastening.
  • Optional glass lenses 35mmx1mm glass circles for the goggles
  • 2 x #4x1/4 sheet metal screws for lens retainers.

I printed the mask in PLA. Glued together, bondo, sanded, flat black primer, acrylic dry brush paint, sealed with spray-able gloss modge podge.
Glue vents on after bondo and sanding.

Pro Tip:
If using PLA the glued mask can be reshaped to fit if held over a steam bath for a minute or so.

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Hello, I was curious on what you did for the actual lenses on the mask. Did you just cut the glass and film interlayer yourself, or where you able to get them from somewhere? I've been searching online for a few days now and have come up with nothing and I have no knowledge of glass working, so this is driving me crazy.

I got the glass circles from hobby lobby. It was part of some jewelry kit that came with 4 glass circles and 2 circular metal frames for placing a photo between the glass layers and wearing it like a pendant. The problem is that the sizes of the glass circles from that kit was for the old mask design which was pretty much universally accepted that it was way too small. I made the model larger to fit an "adult sized" head and now even those glass circles are too small(if you can even find them anymore). I used to have a link in the thing details but it no longer applies.
If you want the quickest path to a solution then just get some thin plexiglass from your local hardware store and cut it into a circle.
I know it sucks but there's probably no affordable way around the problem. Cutting small glass circles is a challenge in itself. Plus, I don't know what you intend to do with the mask but thin layers of frail glass right in front of your eyeballs might be a bad idea.

Wow that was a fast reply, thanks! I'll try checking my local hobby lobby and hardware stores to see what I can find. I'm just going to be using it for cosplay, so nothing that could risk the glass shattering (at least I'd hope anyway), but thinking about that I may switch to a sheet of acrylic or polycarbonate instead. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

Do you know about how many square inches this mask is?

How did you smooth the mesh? or did you just post-finish the object with sandpaper and filler?

I've tried printing the bottom mask a few times to no avail. It doesn't print the entire thing. It stops slightly above the bottom teeth. The two major failed prints have all stopped printing at different points. It did the same on my other print. I can't seem to figure out the issue. I'm using a Makerbot replicator 2. I can't see any obvious signs as to why it's stop printing with so much usable space left and at different points. Anyone have any ideas what the issue might be? I'm stumped.

Your printer nozzle is probably jamming, I have a replicator 2 and they are notorious for it. Here's some suggestions that worked for me:

-Make sure you have the mk8 extruder upgrade for the replicator 2.(Most important)
-Mount the spools above the printer(something like http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:435877) and get rid of the filament guide tube.
-Get a high lubricity nozzle available on Ebay(ULTRA HIGH LUBRICITY Nozzle Upgrade MakerBot 3D Printer MK8 .4mm)
-Pass the filament through a little piece of sponge to wipe any dust from the filament that could clog the nozzle. (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:492067)
-Use a few drops of mineral oil(baby oil) on the filament. A few drops of oil on the aforementioned sponge is not bad either.
-Clean the plastic particles from the drive gear with an Interdental Cleaner brush.
-Double check your temperature settings for your filament.

Getting parts to stick to build plate(and I mean STICK):
-Get a machined aluminum build plate and the support arms for it. The Acrylic build plate that comes with the printer is seldom flat.
-Clean the build plate with Naphtha and then Denatured alcohol. Place painters tape on to the plate and burnish it with a plastic card. Lightly wipe the tape with a paper towel damped with denatured alcohol(removes release agent from the back of the tape)
-Check spacing between nozzle and build plate using the paper method.

Filament Spool Holder System
by markcha
Universal Filament Filter and Lubricator
Comments deleted.

Has anyone had it where the masks eyes aren't perfectly round?
Was curious if anyone else was having issues with the eyes. I'm running a C-Bot custom but so far that seems to be the biggest issue I have really. Yes I am calibrated if anyone is curious haha.

Also does anyone know the size the mask is in MM if you don't edit the print in scale? I tried one print and it took 13 hours. Want to compare the size to be sure on scaling it up.

Why do you need 5 buckles? There is only 2 straps?

The design was updated at a user request to include a buckle on the top the mask but the picture wasn't updated.
I understand the change fits more with SAO canon.

You are still free to use only two straps with 4 attachment points if you so choose.

It says the print ready is not manifold. Seeing as Microsoft has now made it where you cant make an object an STL repaired anymore and only this 3d object file they have come up with. Any ideas other then meshmixer?

You replied to an unrelated comment.

The design should be manifold. I took great care in making sure it was clean but i'm not without error. I'll take a look at the print ready model when I get a chance. For what it's worth nobody else has had a problem.

LMAO so hard, LOVE the Jap-English XD

im turning this into a sweet riot mask. Ill upload the files when im done

Man I love this mask I've been a d huge fan of SAO for a few years now.I seen this thing and my heart stopped! This is an amazing job. I made a pepakura DG mask but I'm evolving from paper to 3d printing. I don't have a printer just yet as I just came back from Afghanistan. But I'm looking for someone who would be willing to print this mask for me until I get a printers. I'm willing to comment in any way I can. And second, what's a good 3d printer brand that could print something of this size.

I just set up a shop on Shapeways. This mask is available for sale on it.

That's exactly what I was looking for! Your the man ferreusveritas. Your the only person I'be seen with this mask with different printing options with realistic prices lol.

It's a shame that stainless and grey steel is so crazy expensive. It would be perfect.

As far as having people print things out for you. I can't speak for everyone but It's seldom worth their time. Any common FDM printer will take 10 hours+ to print out the mask even in medium quality(0.2mm layers). It's either going to be expensive for you to make it worth their while or it's going to be a big favor on their part. Simply put, if a person could have afford a decent printer to begin with then they probably make more money spending their time doing things other than printing toys and costumes. This is why print requests typically are ignored. If you need something printed and don't want to rely on members of the community then shapeways is a good, reliable, albeit expensive option. I look forward to seeing your future creations. :)

I'm probably going to be the only one who sees this question so you might want to ask it elsewhere or do some research..
I used a makerbot replicator 2 to print the mask. For the rep2 once I got all the bugs worked out(extruder upgrade, overhead filament rack, aluminum build plate, aluminum reinforcing arms, naptha and achohol to clean build plate, and mineral oil to lubricate filament) it's a great printer that never fails. Unfortunately that model is discontinued. Now makerbot has several overpriced printers with additional features that serve little purpose but to drive up the cost. There's many 3d printers out there. Look around and pay attention to user ratings and software options.

my printer is quite slow so these times arent the average, but im doing 15 hours just for a quarter of the mask, even with 0.2 layer height. keep in mind im only 40mm/s because I dont have things dialed in as much as I wish, but still

Thank you for the reply. I'll definitely look around. A budy of mine used an oni 3d printer before I was deployed but the last I herd from him he was recovering from a roll over crash in his humvee in Kuwait. So it's gonna be some time before he comes to the states so I thought I'd as for a good place to start my research on one

For some reason the small discs printed with the split mask file print horribly on my mendel90 while the rest of the mask prints just fine. Can you upload an .stl with just those discs that attach to the lower part of the mask? I do not know how much you care about alterations of your original .stl files. Thanks!

Sorry for the confusion. I meant the discs that are glued to the mask post printing. They are attached to each side of the lower part of the mask next to the teeth. They can be seen separated from the mask in three of the photos where the mask is still white.

Okay. It's done. I also scaled the mask by 120%(should fit most people I guess) and added a buckle attachment hole to the top.

You make a good point. Those pieces should be separate files. I'll work on that in just a few minutes.

Hi jjust printed one is there a chance to split mask in 2 files please???
it took me 16 hours to print but want to print bigger one now can you do that please??

See if the update is to your liking.

I'm sorry. No. I won't do that. You'll need to do custom stuff yourself.

This is an amazing looking piece.

To anyone who has scaled this to fit an adult head, how easy is it too see out of?

I've got a large head and payed a bit extra for glasses to match it in scale. So I always print my masks to fit the glasses underneath. But in doing so I lose some visibility. If this this is already hard to see through when scaled to an adult head, it will be even worse when increased to mine.

Where did you find the red lenses they look awesome with the mask?

Comments deleted.

won't let me download the files

What won't let you download the files?
It's working for me.
Seems unlikely this design(I assume) in particular won't let you download.
More likely it's something on your end.
Have you tried downloading other designs to see if your browser is in working order?

Comments deleted.

this looks sweet i showed it to a friend neither of us knew what it was from bt he thought it looked sweet so im making it now

i want this so badly ^

Hey thanks for making this available. I just printed my first one for my youngest daughter and it printed perfect. She will use it to play airsoft. I will re-enforce it with KYDEX so it will withstand the plastic bbs.

What software could be used to resize the mask besides just scaling it while printing?

Blender works well. Import the STL. select the piece(s) with RMB(hold shift for multiple). Press 's' key to scale and then "1.25" to scale by 1.25X. Then you can export to STL.

Hey! Does any one have any recommendations for what kind of adhesive to use to glue the printed pieces together? thanks!

Superglue on PLA works great. That's what I used.

was curious...ive printed out the mask...looks great, but other than the strap attachments, i dont see where the ring parts go...obviously around the eyes. but do the rings with the small holes on one side go on the outside of the mask, while the smaller rings on the inside. sorry if this is redundant or just me overlooking something. and thanks in advance..

All of the rings go on the inside of the mask and are used to hold in lenses which are optional. The rings with the small square holes hold everything in place. All the rings tuck under the slot inside the mask and are held in place with a screw.

Hey, I really want to print this out but want to scale it to 1.25, but my issue is that when I download it and open it in maya and save it out, something happens in the file to make the scale of it very large so that its like 50inches wide. I don't know if anyone has any insight into this issue, because the original file is the correct size, but even if I just open it and export it out without making any changes, it makes it really big so the issue seems to happen when I open it in maya. hmmm... /=

Units are in mm. Scale by 1/25.4 to convert to inches.

Thanks so much! That looks like it did the trick. :)

i just stumbled over this and i knew i had to say that you're one of the few designers who actually knows how to make a user friendly set of files that can actually print! keep up the good work

Can't wait for the dragon priests mask its gonna be cool.

i think you commmented on the wrong file bud

Awesome work man i love how you split and positioned the files very awesome job makes for an easy but cool print.

i made one too XD
i did scale it up and it fits perfectly
hoping u might be doing more masks like these
like ichigo's hollow mask or kaneki's masks
im still a newb in modeling soo i might take a long time hahah

Comments deleted.

@ferreusveritas hey bro. its CraftAccess here. sent u a message about the misunderstanding :)

We're good. Cast and sell all you want. But seriously.. Plaster Mold? Go get some Oomoo silicone from Smooth-On. The extra cost is worth it. The part will turn out better and you can make 100 masks instead of one. Plus it doesn't require any special equipment(Vacuum degas not necessary). You're wasting your time with plaster.

@ ferreusveritas
Good to know we're good :) . the mold is MoldMax30 but i ran out of budget for a proper shell and i dont want to mess around with fiberglass. so i endup with plaster. instead.

A shout out to Nintendstroid for watching my back. I appreciate it. A gentleman on facebook named "Craft Access" is casting and selling these masks. No, he didn't ask.. No, I don't care.. Yes, Credit would have been nice but I don't require it. For what it's worth the license for this mask is WTFPL. I could cast and sell these masks myself. I have the equipment to do so but I have decided not to bother with it. Maybe later ;-) Good to see someone is making use of the design and making their life and other peoples lives better.

when printing the the separate peices, my printer likes to put little boogers all over the place. Could you please post the top and bottom half on separate stl's? Ive looked into it and i have not been able to find a way to edit stl files to separate them myself.

thats not the files problem bro
its the printer's problem
probably the plate isnt aligned or the extruder needs some cleaning

I'm sorry but I don't have available time to modify the design for individual needs. Consider learning some basic modeling or finding out what's wrong with your printer. If and when I update this design in the future I'll take your request into consideration.

I printed this at 1.35% scale with 1.2mm shell or 4 shell and 60% as i want to use this as an airsoft mask but it was just a little to big for me :(
It took 35hrs to print at 75mm/sec on an ultimaker 2. going to reprint at 1.25% which says it should only take 24hrs. After i get it all together im going to cut lenses out of a fog free motorcycle helmet shield.

ah well ill wait for you then :P I was going for 1,20

pics on how large the too large one fits?

I posted pics in the "made one" section so you can see how big the to big one is. It would probably work but for what I'm planning it needs to be better fitting to my head

Sounds great. I'd like to see it when it's finished.

Will do! Thanks for this print it went great and looks awesome! There's so many masks i wish i could model up to be able to print.

nice you beat me too it,

i was working on the same thing.

saves me a heck of a lot of time

Glad I could help :-)

I'm gonna print it this week have some other projects I'm working on.

what settings did you use for it? and what printer

MakerBot Replicator 2 on medium quality with default temperature for PLA. 3 shells, 15% infill. Mask halves and side filters printed in about 9.5 hours.
You may need to scale it up to fit an adult size head.

3 shells? My printer works with mm in the shells. I think it's a multiple of the nozzle?

Yeah I scaled it 120%

Think that should do it?

Sounds right on the nozzle width and shells. No idea about the scaling size because people have different sized heads. You might have to find a way to measure. Maybe stick a head model in your modeling program with your head dimensions and see if it fits.