Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

StarWars EpVII A New Helmet.

by Geoffro Nov 2, 2014
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Is this ones name Tr-8R?

Comments deleted.

Already done dude, check my other makes.

just found it XD came back to delete this comment, thanks a million

Geoffro ...looking forward to seeing your version

should be finished by about wednesday/thursday. I want to make sure its out well and truly before December!

I have an updated Low Poly version Based off of the Anovos licensed Helmets with accurate-ish dimensions and details if you would like to do a Resculpt. I also have a Captain Phasma Helmet I would be happy for you to work your magic on as well, If your interested.

Sure mate i'll give it a go. I was halfway through making the wearable helmet so people have time to print one before december!

Cheers man, these should look awesome once printed! can't wait to wear them around.

Printed out great except the bottom needs some support or the filament runs all over.

Awesome work! Ready to print a full size bucket. Any idea when you're going to be finished with it?

looks great, cant wait to print it and use it as a helmet.
I have a 3D touch and i think i might be able to print it in one piece

How long did this take to print? was it stable?

How long is a piece of string ? :p
How big are you printing it? what are you slicing it with? what filament are you using? what printer? what temperatures?
So far it appears to be fine to print, there is an updated version if you are scared of printing.

I can now confirm the new 1/1 scale wearable trooper helmet 99 percent completed, just making sure all is fixed and happily printable. We will be wearing these helmets before the next trailer is even out :)

cant wait for the lifesize! will be wearing this to 7!

Printed one last night. Fantastic work! Now if someone will do the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Clonetooper helmets and Tie Fighter Helmet I will be happy! Thanks!

This will be the first thing I print when my printer arrives. Great work!

Looking forward to a life sized model.

its so cool iv been a life time star wars fan and that just blows me away

It's official - this is the new Storm Trooper Helmet, confirmed in the awesome trailer today!! Time to start converting it into a life size helmet!

Ha! You rock. I just tried printing Part 1 of your classic trooper helm. Will you add it to this Thing or create a whole new? I'll keep a look out! (and order some new filament...)

thanks man, yep it is being refined as we speak. I was just waiting on the trailer for confirmation before going to the effort, but now we know what we know, I am adding all the little things I missed and also the 'ear' piece is slanting backward instead of forward near the eye socket, so fixed that also.

Do you have any intention on making this a full scale, wearable helmet like your original storm trooper helmet? If so, that would be awesome!

read thing info :)

Stooper = Trooper )))