Proton Pack Synch Generator

by tgoacher Nov 2, 2014
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Please dont think me stupid, but can someone tell me order of operations for assembling non-top parts in clockwise order?

It's a bit awkward. It recommend drilling out the holes to the diameter of the bolts you are using. Also, not all the fastenings need to be made, just so long as it is secure. I used long nosed pliers to help get the nuts and bolts into place.

I mean, I have no idea from the details what order the parts go in. Lol

Ah. I see what you mean. I'll try and get an assembly drawing up for you in the next day or so. Stuck In Atlanta Airport right now.

I second this. I'm trying to do a virtual build and I can't figure out which piece goes where. Any update on an assembly drawing?

Sorry. Got busy. I've added expanded assembly pics for the top and bottom.

Fantastic. I see them up there. I'll take a look at them this evening.

Hey tgoacher awesome design been working on printing it for the past week. Just had a question about were u recommend putting the sound board i plan on using not seeing a obvious spot that would be easy to get at? I am planning on using this sound board. http://www.gbfans.com/shop/normal/amplified-sound-board/ Any advice would be appreciated.

I put mine inside the central cavity of then sync generator. I put some holes in the motherboard to mount the speaker and
let sound out.

Are u useing the same board?

No. I made my own pack electronics for about $40 including sound.

I don't suppose you still have the step / sketch files available? I'd like to increase the polygon count on some of the stl files to "increase the resolution" of my print.

Hi RamonetB,
I still have all the original CAD files but not STEP. A couple of people have asked me this, but I don't have the time to re-issue all the files with higher poly count at the moment I'm afraid. I'm just too busy. I intend to revise a few parts in the near(ish) future and will do it then.

Remember that nearly all the synch files and all the details files will need to be updated.

Comments deleted.

Can this files work with any 3d printer or only makerbot

Yes. The parts I printed were done on two different, none Makerbot printers: Mendel90 (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17826) and a proprietary design.

by nophead

I downloaded this but its a certificate trust list and will not let me open it any advice

It's meant to be opened with a slicing program....Slic3r or Cura or Skeinforge, or an stl viewer such as NettFabLite

What are the dimensions for the motherboard? i cant seem to find them anywhere

It's been designed already. I'll be doing a test print asap. Then it will be published.