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Soviet`s tank of WW2 - T-34

by vittweet Feb 21, 2013
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Hello what is the scale?? Its possible to get one in scale 1:32? I love your job and i want it for my diorama!

Great model but as a tip i would say when creating models with high detail make the model the breaking down into pieces in the sketch in another words laid out on the plat form so you can print the parts with out support then glue them all into place.

Reason being is your can get higher detail and quality out of the print especially when detail is everything on a great model as this.

Awesome model cant wait to see more :)

This is an awesome model.

My only suggestion would be to make the turret and the body as separate parts (So that people can rotate/pose the turret!).

Also, a small (tiny) nit-pick: This isn't a T-34-85.

This is a T-34 model 1943, which had a 76mm gun, and the distinctive hexagonal turret you excellently reproduced.

The T-34-85 had a different looking turret/gun/mantlet.
T-34-85: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/12/T-34-85_g%C3%B3ra_RB.jpghttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wi...

But again, excellent model

When ever I 3DP a main gun barrel for one of my RC Tanks, I 3DP it vertically - but I make it a composite by using a 6mm styrene tube as the barrel liner. I assemble by sliding the 6mm styrene tube into the 3DP main gun barrel and use just a drop of acetone. Capillary action draws it evenly down between the inner bore of the 3DP main gun barrel and the 6mm styrene tube's outside, effectively welding the two components together. This keeps 3DP main gun barrel from breaking along the "vertical build grain" while providing a perfect fit for a 6mm BB

amazing have you ever thought of doing the AAV

Would be nice if the gun would print, perhaps if it was pointing at a slight upward angle, with a high cool setting in skeinforge, and a low layer height...that's the only hope I can see.

Good idea. Small corner what to receive the maximum length of a contour in a layer. Let's receive the maximum adhesion of layers, even at hollow model. ! ! ! !

Wow! Nice models, what do you use for the design?