Dry Reel Holder

by Lenn Feb 22, 2013
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Simple pero poderoso.. voy a hacer un remix de esta idea e implementar con un calentador, puede ser un foco de 50 watts, podria incluir con control de temperatura para mantener 50° c.


It's odd that I hear people mention PLA giving poor prints if left out for long. I've printed with year old PLA, and my printer and spools are in free air in my carpeted room that I sleep in.

EDIT: And this is in Denmark, so we don't have any airconditioning dehumidifying the air either.

If you have heaters they will also dry your ambient air. the worst is warm moist air. like 80-90%

Yep, I've since found that a little oil on the filament makes extruding much more reliable, so much so that damp filament doesn't jam. The maker bot prints so quickly that the filament driven out due to steam doesn't appear to have an obvious effect on quality. Still the container keeps the dust out which is a good idea.

Great idea! I live in a very humid area, and Taulman Nylon absorbs lots of water, just standing on the spool holder. Will try this.

Are your prints better now? What is the noticable influence of dryer PLA?

Found that it is more reliable. With my replicator 2 the filament tends to jam in the extruded when damp filament is used.

This is very professional! Nice work!