Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Cartoon Character Maker - A Customizable Avatar Builder

by sethmoser Mar 3, 2013
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How do I create my own object? I'm a little confused on which apps to use and what not. Thanks!

could you make a pixie cut? so like short funky hair.
i wanna make myself!

No Pictures yet, but I just printed one 250mm High, hollow translucent PLA, Cut out the bottom, put some LEDs inside it and made it into a big nightlight / lamp

This thing is great! I would love to see future additions to this. I had a blast changing the settings in this. Great work!

Thanks mikeq! I haven't had the time to work on this much lately (the new features are actually pretty time consuming, especially the customizable ones, since they're based on openSCAD geometry rather than imported point clouds, etc), but definitely intend to modify over time.

If you have any specific features in mind, let me know!

Excellent thing!!!!! To use it in a Lip-sync test would be very useful to be able to change only the mouth (interchangeable) using different types. the idea is matching lip movements with sung or spoken vocals changing only the mouth part...I guess, it would be possible?

My only request is for boy long hair. The long hair makes me look like I just came out of a beauty parlor! All the other Miis are going to laugh at me. I can never go bowling with them again :'(

haha... I guess I'm not sure what boy long hair is? When I had long hair it was definitely not masculine ;) I do need to re-enable the Mullet, which is in the code but dropped out of the selections for some reason or another. Will think about boy long hair!

boy long hair: less helmet like front, more part to the sides. I think the mii customizer has some long hair options you could get an idea from.

Along these lines, could you make the top of the 'pattern' hair be configurable as well? :-)

The length is configurable :)

I'm into that, though... along with the parting of the hair that hobgoblin suggested...

What config would you want for pattern? Originally I was thinking about making it kind of like a cylinder that you could move around to create varying degrees of baldness... along those lines?

I was thinking that the height of the top of the pattern be configurable, as well as the length (which is the bottom). That way I could move up up a bit so that there's more hair and less bald spot. :-)

Though I am not that fond of avatars, I have to say that this is a must!!
It should really finish in the short list for the customizer challenge imho :)

This is very cool!

Some requests:

  • Beard, mustache. Lots of parameters.
  • Hair more parametric. For example, once you pick the basic shape, the size and position could be parameters.
  • Add a neck (a cylinder is fine) so it's printable without support.

Thanks for the feedback - esp re: parametric. Under the covers, there are far more parameters available, but I've limited here to make it more user friendly, especially for the less technical folks out there... maybe I can make an 'advanced' version or a nicer UI vis a vis some of the work Benjamin's been doing.

On the neck point - are you not getting a neck? There should be one for exactly that reason, but maybe I have a bug in the latest version...

Maybe I didn't see it - so far I've just looked at the preview, not downloaded it. In that case, I'll modify my suggestion to a wider neck, perhaps a stretched cone to form shoulders?

I was guessing that it's all parametric inside. So perhaps you could expose a few 'tweak' variables to slide hair around, etc.?

The thing that makes the Mii designs so much more interesting than the usual RPG character "personalization" is the use of parameters to position things more freely than anyone did previously. You can do the same, since it's OpenSCAD! :-)

Added facial hair and a bit better customization... let me know what you think!

Thanks, Laird!

I just did a quick test - looks like the neck is working ok for now - you can change the size with the "neck size" parameter towards the top. Even with a pretty narrow neck (neck size = 3). The key is head tilt (the Head Tilt parameter) - if the head is tilted back maybe 40 degrees, it should print OK, and even at 15-20 it should be pretty good, with maybe a few loops.

Re: the customization- stay tuned. I'll try to get a version out with a little more tweakability (need to kick this pesky day job...). In the meantime, check out the more detailed parameters towards the bottom of the current version for customization on the size of the eyes as well as both the size and position of the nose, mouth, and ears.

Thanks again!!

Wow, this is pretty excellent! I just wish there was some facial hair options. :)

Facial hair is now live :)

Thanks!!! I have to say I feel starstruck... thanks for commenting!!

And yeah, working on the facial hair options, as well as a mashup with your pez negative to make customizable pez heads :)