Laser-Cut Elastic-Clips

by DefProc Feb 22, 2013
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Love the idea, but I have a question about (or possible bug report for) the included example box.

In the following image: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5754740/clip-box.pnghttps://dl.dropbox.com/u/57547...

Is one of the features circled in black an error?

Unrelated: really looking forward to the Atomic Duck plans!

It's not an error, the inclined cut allows clearance for the end piece to rotate as it gets clipped on to the box. It's the same reason why the top of that tab is inclined too. Having it inclined is not normally critical for <3mm thick material, but it's noticeable at thicknesses closer to 4mm.

It's a good spot though, I haven't really gone into some of the smaller details on the box.

Glad to hear you're following the Atomic Duck progress too, the lattice hinge and elastic clips are both features that I've developed to go into the chassis. Lattice hinges should allow cold bending of curved features and the clips should mean no clamps required while the structural adhesive cures. I get to test the features in a brittle material like acrylic to prove the maths, before transferring the methodology to aluminium.

Well, thanks for the explanation, but my point was: one of the sides has the "inclined cut" and the other doesn't. Since they're otherwise identical, as are the pieces they attach to, I'm assuming they should both have it.

Ah, I see it now. Yes, all 4 should be inclined. I've updated the svg, dxf and eps files now.