Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Halo Pistol

by dan0nator Feb 22, 2013
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Slic3r couldn't correctly slice the stl's, so I used Cura and it worked fine.

Hey, nice design. Does this fit the MonoPrice Select Mini?

yes i have one it is a perfect fit

It seems like a waste of PLA (ABS-R or whatever filament you people use) for the plates on the bottom of the prints.

You should check out my DMR. its called Halo 4 DMR

Would it be possible to get a stl file of the gun in two halves? I would do it myself but all of my student versions of programs won't let me.

Comments deleted.

I am having issues with the Halo_Slide_v4.stl file it has many holes and errors, netfab crashes just loading it, slic3r will open it but the code file after that has many missing parts on the top of the slide and the sites. Could you assist me in repairing the file?

By 0.3 infill do you mean 30% infill or 0.3% infill

Thats the same thing

It is not. 30% = 30/100 where as 0.3% is 0.3/100 or 3/1000 so there are two orders of magnitude difference.

how long does it take dude

I made one and did a full video on printing both as a single piece and assembled at 125% http://bit.ly/P3MPfPhttp://bit.ly/P3MPfP

I'm using Cura and what should my layer height be?

new version is in progress, this will be a shell version for less plastic use. i am moving to auto cad inventor, so its a complete redraw. it might take a few days to complete. the hope is to have moving parts. My kids quickly got tired of the solid non moving prop.

That is excellent! I will be watching closely! Now to order some grey PLA...

new model is done, testing the print over the next few days then i will upload the finished parts.

i used superglue. works like a champ. my 5 year old has dropped it many times without issue.

Is this a glue required assembly, or do the parts bolt/clip-on together?

i will upload the full model later today.

You should maybe include the whole model in case someone wants to cut it differently. And the thin raft modeled on the parts is unnecessary/unwanted since if it is needed it can be added in the slicer when the user prints it.

Agreed, a version without the raft would totally rock.