Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Chemistry molecule set reloaded

by andrewar Feb 23, 2013
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Could someone who knows a bit about chemistry help me out a bit? Apart from the Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Carbon atoms which others are common enough to be included in a chemistry set? Also, can the same four models be reused for other atoms and if yes which for which?

Can I print this file on a Makerbot Replicator+?

It would be nice to have an updated file with several of each in it. This way a single print can achieve this without much more editing.

I would love to make this when my school gets a 3d printer shortly. Big question, how would you handle double and triple bonds?

New to 3d printing, and tried a carbon atom and bond on a Replicator 2 in PLA. Wishing I had a slightly more compliant material to try it with. Overall, it looks good.

Would be interested to see how you get on with this, despite 850 downloads no one seems to have printed a set except me. Let me know if you think any of the parts need updating, I still have the original Solidworks files I can easily update.

Hi just started printing some of these for my son. He's just started at Sheffield in biochemistry and genetics, and is very happy with the prints.
He's quite keen to have me print some addition stuff so that he can see the molecules in 3d shortened bonds for some like the carbon hydrogen bonds and such.
I've offered to do these in solidworks for him and would be happy to add them to your set if you were interested.
I know its cheeky but would you consider giving me a head start by posting your solid works files for me to use as a base?
Importing your bonds into solidworks is pretty useless so otherwise I would have to start from scratch with measuring them

Epic project by the way. MolyMod is hugely expensive for a student budget and knowing he can print out just what he needs is a real saver.

Hi, Found the Solidworks files and uploaded, let me know if any are missing or do not work.

Hi Happy to post the Solidworks parts if I can dig them out of some old files.

You're a star. My son is over the moon and on the strength of you posting the files has started learning solidworks. Its quite spooky really. Normally I only see him move for food, or anything linked to chemistry. Now he's all animated and proactive

Love this thing, How about Phosphorus? then we could make great looking DNA double helix's just like the image on wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNAhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D...

Phosphorous has 4 bonds? could you not just print the carbon atom in a different colour say Purple? happy to put a phosphorous atom up if it has different bond angles to carbon, just let me know. I would get a real kick out of someone printing alot of these and assembling a large molecule.

Hi! Phosphorous supports five bonds: one (migrating) double, and three singles. I'm not sure how that affects the bond angles or if they're identical to carbon. :D

Phosphorous would bond the same way that nitrogen does, one electron pair (non-bonding) with 3 electrons available to form bonds.