3-Way Elbow, 1/2 Inch PVC Pipe Fitting Series #HalfInchPVCFittings - UPDATED 2015-02-02

by tonyyoungblood Nov 7, 2014
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One more variant suggestion. Add a hole opposite the short side so this can serve as a middle support to a long span. I want to use such as a support for a long box to cover planting beds. Very nice work! I'll post a make when done from Knoxville!

Oh my gosh, I wish I had seen this before I built my daughter's playhouse. Connections between the base and walls were overly complicated due to limited choice of connectors at Home Depot (elbows, Ts and couplings). Live & learn...

This would be useful to make enclosures for your printer too!

71-72% is the answer to my question for 1/2 inch wooden dowel.

how much would you scale this to fit a dowel with an outer diameter of 16 mm / 0.6 inch?

Just a heads up that the file provided is for 3/4" pipe not the 1/2" in the heading.

It is definitely for 1/2" pvc pipe, which is measured by the inside diameter of the pipe, not outside. The outside diameter of 1/2" pvc is 0.840".

Yes, I am aware of those dimensions. Thanks for the reply. Just trying to help. You might want to check the .stl that you have uploaded. The current ID is 21.836mm

Thank you. I just re-downloaded the skp file and pulled it up in Sketchup to measure. I got 21.6mm or 0.85 inches, which with a 0.1 inch tolerance fits 0.84 inch outside-diameter (1/2" inside diameter) pipe.

So sorry for the confusion. Nice design.

No worries and thank you!

Has anyone tried PVC Cement on this printed in PLA or ABS? I'm curious how the adhesion would be. Excellent design!

Do you know of one of these for 1in PVC pipe? Exactly what I am looking for.

Does this need to be printed with supports?

LOL, No it does not. It printed out beautifully

No supports needed.

Sorry, my reply was ambiguous. I meant "Supports not required," rather than "No. Supports needed."

I like to resize to use 32mm pipes.
Anyone has resized it and can tell how % has used?

Do you it for a 40mm PVC pipe?

I can't, but feel free to use the model to make a 40mm version. You can make it in the easy-to-learn, free program Sketchup.

The two horizontal holes fit fine but the vertical hole is smaller and doesn't fit the pipe.

The model is accurate. Sounds like a problem with perimeter expansion.

If you use Slic3r, try checking "Print perimeters first," or "Print exteriors first," or something like that. If you use Cura standalone, try experimenting with a negative value for horizontal expansion. There's not a way to fix this problem in the Cura version inside of Repetier as far as I know.

If you need this fitting for 3/4 inch pipe, setting the scale to 126% worked for me. Sometimes it's easier to print one out than go to the hardware store.

I think maybe you meant 125%. I printed at 126% and way too loose for my 3/4'' schedule 40. Makes sense to because 1/2 outer diameter is .840 for 1/2'' and 1.050 for 3/4''. So 125% makes more sense.

Thanks, that's great to know!

Non commercial for such a basic element? Pfft! Forget it. This isn't worth bookmarking and definitely not worth downloading. I wouldn't want to pollute my library of things.

Reposting this reply from another design of mine you commented on:

I took off the noncommercial restriction. I'm relatively new to 3D design, so I'd love to learn more why noncommercial generates this kind of reaction. I'm familiar with the basic Creative Commons license definitions, but I'd love to read something that explains why noncommercial (specifically in relation to 3D printing) is a bad thing. Is there a blog article you can recommend?

No need for the article recommend. I've been doing some more research, and I am now persuaded to remove the noncommercial restriction from all of my designs.

Some links that helped me reach this decision:


I looked at your links and wow Tony. You really dug into it. That's amazing.

My reasoning is a little more hands on. Back in the early 90's the internet was not yet a thing. It was made into a thing by the Sysop's (systems operators) of the bulletin board systems (BBS's). I had one. I was giving out free internet email addresses about a year and a half before the internet landed. The year the internet landed almost all the BBS' shut down. They either converted into ISP's (internet service providers) or they turned out the lights because we all saw what the internet meant and there was no point continuing with a BBS, unless of course it was on the internet. ;)

How was I able to provide free email to people from my BBS? Well other people that knew a whole lot more than I did spent time with me on the phone and lead me through the steps. They didn't get paid for that. There was no limitation on how I used the emails. I could of charged for them, I decided to give them away for free.

In the early 90's SoftImage was a software package that was the equivalent to Blender today. That was a massive application that was too big to run on a desktop computer. SoftImage was one of the applications used to create Jurassic Park. It needed something in the workstation class of computer. Software and hardware combined, the package would cost close to 200,000$. Today you can download Blender for free. It's open source and cross platform. If you needed to buy a computer for it, you could do it for less than a thousand dollars.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. We benefit so much from the creative capacity of others. Releasing our stuff back into the creative commons is a way of showing gratitude for all that we have been given.

Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I just wanted to thank you for explaining your reasoning. Very well said.