Simple Z axis Couplers

by FablabMoebius Nov 7, 2014
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Thanks! I needed this for my DIY CNC after the Z twisted the tubing apart during setup (just learning GRBL) 5x6.4

5x8mm does not fit my motors at all :(

I didn't read this comments and printed this part. I had to file only the motor hole. The 8mm threaded rod fits ok.
Thank you anyway!
I printed on a Prusa i3 very well calibrated with 0.4mm nozzle

Hi Clwebb, are you sure of your printer's precision on x-y axis ? if you're 0.2mm or under, it should print fine. Do you have a little bit of over extrusion ?
I've printed this on a lot of different machines (printrbot, makerbot, ultimaker, dagoma, lulzbot, prusa i3...) and it always was fine.
Check and if you still have this problem, i'll make another one with more tolerance (say 0.3mm). Is that ok ?

I think its my 1st layer because the top hole for threaded rod fits perfectly

Set my extrusion multiplier to 0.90 and scaled it up by 101 and still won't fit...I sliced on S3D and Cura..Neither work

Ive also printed a calibration cube today and its off by 20.40mm at the most so this should be fitting no?

Im printing at 200c is that too hot?

Is this only meant for ABS or something?

Im really at a loss here as I absolutely no clue why this file is printing correctly...

If you could make a slightly bigger motor hole that would be amazing!

Is there any way you could make one for 3mm threaded rods?

Yes it's comming soon...

I'm trying to find something I remember reading a while back, it was about how using a metric rod on the Z-Axis instead of the 3/8" rod would result in more precise movement, since the threading of the metric was perfectly divisible by the steps of the stepper motor, whereas the 3/8" rod ends up having to be approximate at certain times.

Do you happen to know what I'm referencing? And I guess that leads me to this piece, is that what this coupler is for?

hi @jshbckr !

Metric rods means more precision, you're right, but also more movements and so possibly more overheat ! But this coupler can work with any rod of 8, 6.9 and 5mm in diameter. it's independent of metric or empiric measurement of the rod.

I just got my first printer a Printrbot Simple Metal.
I am curious: why would I need to print one of these?
Is the one that came with my printer likely to break or strip?
should I print a spare before the original fails?

Hi craigj, you're right. The z-axis coupler is perfectly ok, but mine broke because of a leveling probe malconfiguration once. So it's good to have backup... just in case...

Hello !

Is it possible to have the same object, but for a 5mm threaded rod ?

thanks :)


check the Z-axis-coupler-5x5.stl.

perfect :)

thanks !!!!

I'll print the 5x5 tonight :)

Will this work for the printrbot simple metal?

Yes absolutely !