Purple Tentacle

by werd10 Nov 7, 2014
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Colleague came in a few mins ago:
Colleague: "i bought purple filament"
Me: "sweeeeeet, wait a sec..... here print this"

i stumbled across your awesome model and i'm wondering: is there a chance, you upload a Multi-Material version?
meaning one stl file with all green parts combined (same with the other colors).
and by importing all at once, the slicer arranges them perfectly?

The file V2_Tentace.Full is a single STL file will all the parts included. Looks like user K_thod_v2 did a remix with all parts merged as well: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1888247

As far as "slicer arranges them perfectly" let me know if you find a slicer that does that ;)

Purple Tentacle (Merged)

Printed the body at 180% scale and the "0s" at 180%, but the "0s" are to big to fit.
Shouldn't they both fit if resized to the same amount?

Yes they should fit, but I haven't tested at that size (though in theory there should be more wiggle room at a larger size). What printer/settings are you using? You could try to size down the Os a bit (175% or so) there's a bit more clearance.

I found the mistake.
There are two versions of the "0s".

The "copy" version is to big, the "original" version fits just right.
So if anyone tries to print htis...don't use the "copy" version ;)

different parts are completely out of scale IN THE SAME STL file, this is insane, why did you do that
I wasted so much plasting trying to print the o's at the appropriate size

whoa pump the brakes champ, which file are you having issues with?

Great model :)

Any chance of uploading the Os for Purple and Green as separate files? Just had one O run off during printing and would be nice to print just the one I need.

You can split the Os in Slic3r

Can't wait to print this loved the game on the c64, just got to wait for the purple filement to arrive.

I'm gonna place your suction cups on http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1515304

OctoPrint Statue

I have to go buy purple filament jus to make this. lol

Hahahaha, same here.
Day of the Tentacle brings brings back good old memories and even more, had a commodore 64 but sold it to get the commodore 128D (with floppy drive and yes a full COLOR monitor!) to play Maniac Mansion.
Oh the crazy days... well it seems the crazyness isn't completely over yet.

7 months later and I'm finally printing him!

Superb game and Superb model!!! Congratulations!!!

Thanks epoxi! Your make looks awesome