Balloon Fin LED Lamp

by jmungapen001 Nov 10, 2014
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I have followed your instructions and hoping to upload my version with led's but for one problem, the resistor gets incredibly hot within seconds, burning to touch, I am using exactly the parts you listed apart from my psu is 12v 500mA. Any suggestions? The balloon lamp prints beautifully.

Did you use a 2 watt resistor.. mine get hot (but not as hot as the heat syncs for the LEDs.. I checked it out with a temperature gun and it stabilized out at a constant temperature.
if you increase the size of the resistor, you will get less current and hence less power (and dimmer LEDs).. maybe your LEDs don't quite have the same forward voltage? if they are dropping less than 3.2v each then there will be more voltage (and power) going through the resistor.
check out this guys instructable on driving LEDs http://www.instructables.com/id/Circuits-for-using-High-Power-LED-s/
you could use one of those circuits instead of just a resistor.

I have actually made a new version of the lamp that uses transistors and an Arduino to control the LEDs'.. the idea behind this is it has a sleep timer.. I need to post that .. but the base is a larger base

Yes the ones I've printed so far are in PLA (at 220 degrees ) the 48c was before I assembled the lamp I had it running for about an hour and that temp was the max temp the LED heat sink stars got to. I wanted to make sure the LEDs wouldn't get to a dangerous temperature and cause a fire. They seem to be fine. I've them running all day with no problems. ( I do turn them off when I leave the house though just to be sure)

Love the design! I'd love to print one in PLA - was the 48c temp the max for the LED's?