50mm calibration angle

by ramai Feb 24, 2013
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The equation I use is:
All-Axis: [print axis before expansion]/[measured length in mm] * [current STEPS]

For example my X Axis X-STEPS were 96.6 and I measured the side to be 53.84:
(50/53.84) * 96.6 = 89.71

To save run M92 [axis][new STEPS]

eg. Run command for X axis:
M92 X89.71

To save to EEPROM

Then repeat for all axis. Print again and repeat

I think either way it comes out the same

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Thank you so much for your step by step instructions for calibrations, it is so easy and understandable!
Helped me a lot! ;-)

I so want to try this out.

Problem is I don't understand about the custom G-Codes. Well all I know until now is just print. Zero knowledge about them codes. I am using a Robo3D if that helps,

Okay here goes.

I did just that. Adding the g-codes. Now my printer is only doing its autoleveling only like half on my printing bed. When it started printing, it is now printing on air.

Here is what I used :

G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift Z by 15mm
M104 S150; Set extruder and do not wait - preheat
M190 S[bed0_temperature] ; Set bed temp and wait to be reached
G28 ; home all axes
M92 X63.0242 ; calibrate X
M92 Y62.7669 ; calibrate Y
M92 Z2071.4959 ; calibrate Z
M92 E650 ; calibrate E
G1 Z5 F5000 ; lift Z by 5mm
M565 Z-0.8 ; set the offset for auto-leveling mechanism
G29 ; run auto-level
M109 S[extruder0_temperature] ; Set extruder temp and wait to be reached

Quick and simple calibration piece. Excellent work. It printed nicely on my RepRap Prusa i2. Need to get a digital caliper to fine tune, but with my analogue one it seems very close to 50mm.

This is so helpful! I was having trouble with pieces not fitting together with my printer, but your step by step instructions for calibrating made it so much easier to understand and do. Thank you so much!

Works great!

One note of precaution using the custom GCode values: On my Printrbot Simple the ideal E calibration value is apparently 101, at E650 it looked like my extruder was about to launch into orbit! :D

Lets see a made one from the Simple. Im curious.

Haha good point, you must have a direct drive. Yeah, 100 is a good starting point for direct drive. I'll add it to the instructions. Thanks!

Thanks...I'm using cheap non-digital calipers, but your instructions definitely made a difference!

awesome, glad to be of help!

excellent and quick for xy calibration got down to x=50.05, y=50.00 with this piece help


well done, can't ask for better then that!