Sodastream to normal soda bottle adapter

by Mape Nov 16, 2014
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Interior threads are too small, as has been stated. Once it seals (with a neoprene washer), any pressure build up pops the bottle off. Unusable :(

I have added a new version with bigger and better threads.

I had an adapter made based on this file. What I noticed right from the start, even before using the adapter, is the fact that the inner thread (the one for the bottle) was very thin and low. Moreover, the material (SLS-PA2200) was a little rough, preventing gas-tightness. The choice for this material is probably my fault as newbie. I had to add a rubber washer to get CO2 tightness. Anyway, the thin thread was not able to hold the bottle pressure. The CO2 pressure (only after 3 short CO2 bursts) simply blasted the bottle off the thin thread. Any suggestions? Did the material I chose not allow for the proper thickness and height? What would have been the right material? Hints very much appreciated.

Hey guys, I just got finished printing mine out and it fits great, the only word of advice I have is to use silicone caulking as the seal, I just pushed it into the inside corner where the bottle goes in and put just a bit of caulking all the way around, it works great

I made one and it works, even without a seal.
The Sodastream thread fits very well, and the upper end seals airtight.
The inner plate for the PET bottle isn't completely airtight without a sealing, but it's good enough.
But the inner thread is very shallow, I doubt that it'll last long. Could you make it thicker?
Also it might be a good idea to provide a version with a wider diameter for the Sadastream thread, so that it screws in with a lot of friction, for people that want to leave the adapter always in the machine, and don't want it to come put when they unscrew the bottle.
Thanks for your work. Great thing!

I downloaded this sodastream adapter file (sodastream_to_standard_soda_bottle_adapter_v4.stl) spent $20 + $5 shipping. Waited 3 weeks to get it. The drawing looked flaky to begin with. The inside view of the model where the standard soda bottle threads into the adapter has very shallow threads. It won't hold Coke bottle threads, It won't hold Pepsi bottle threads either. This drawing WON'T HOLD any bottle for that matter. I would not trust even a version 5 of this 'thing'. It would have been nice 'thing' if it worked but sadly it don't so save your money and time.

Nice work, I was wondering if you could make it available also for glass bottles with neck finish suitable for glass bottles? I must have the 3D neck finish for glass bottles somewhere in case you would need it.

I would really appreciate if you could do it so that I can use my sodastream with glass bottles and not plastic :)


Glass bottles have completely disappeared around here. If you have measurements for the bottle neck and thread, I might do that.

I have also added the original FreeCAD model, so anyone can make custom versions for different bottles and threads used around the world.

Ciao Mape!

I live between Germany and Italy and they are still rather popular here (return system makes them sustainable.

Here there is the neck finish of the glass bottles available here: https://grabcad.com/library/bottle-neck-1

Do you believe this neck finish can be used to obtain a thread that could then replace the standard PET bottle thread on your adapter?

Many many thanks!


Just for reference to others, the small thread doesn't fit on an Australian Coke bottle.

Great idea however :-) Thank you


I made one but it is not airtight, so the pressure and the water can escape. Which settings did u printed this ?

Further, for me the inner thread is too small so it not grab the normal soda bottle thread.



I don't remember my settings. I assume 0.2mm layer height, maybe around 50% infill.

Did you add any kind of seal to make it airtight?
I glued a rubber seal on inside between the inner thread and the the flat part, so it'll make it airtight between soda bottle and the adapter. Just like a soda bottle cork has some sort of soft plastic sealing between the top of the bottle and the cork.

The inner thread is quite small, just like it's on the real bottle corks. If the thread doesn't work at all, I can only see two options. Your prints is too big or maybe the Swiss bottle thread is different?

I would love to try one on my Sodastream system. I would be open to purchase one from you? Thanks. jimgerlv@cox.net