parametric electronics box with easy make of mounts, and snap on lid . make electronic enclosure designs in minutes

by jamesvilleneuve Nov 10, 2014
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uploaded a workaround called 'pboxv1_1.scad . it includes an extra variable called pins_raise_offset, it normally should be zero but in this case it is set to 1.2; it raises the pins to correct position. It is a band aid but quite functional, if i get time i will apply a parametric value that adjusts it correctly automatically. For now this offset aids in correcting it.

the pBoxv1_1 scad file is set with the values you indicated.


I have tried to modify your scad to make an enclosure. The mods are as below

//this is a modulare electronics box enclosure rounded and fit snap
//with snap fit enclosure
// you can eddit the remove() code to remove your custom holes
//james villeneuve
outside_box_lenth_mm =80;
outside_box_width_mm =47;
outside_Box_height_mm =29;
inside_box_lenth_mm =75;
inside_box_width_mm =42;
inside_Box_height_mm =28;
oversize =0.25;//this is wiggle room it oversizes entire box for room to fit electronics in
//assume 4 mount points for board. this is x/y position and post hieght in z
mount1_position_mm_x =-23;
mount1_position_mm_y =-15;
mount1_position_mm_z =7;

mount2_position_mm_x =23;
mount2_position_mm_y =15;
mount2_position_mm_z =7;

mount3_position_mm_x =23;
mount3_position_mm_y =-15;
mount3_position_mm_z =7;

mount4_position_mm_x =-23;
mount4_position_mm_y =15;
mount4_position_mm_z =7;

print=0 ;//0=both, 1=box, 2=lid
overlay=0;//if one then shows invisible other side.
module remove(){
//this is are to add objects to remove such as circles and square

//i have includede an example it is remarked out.
I maintained the same wall thickness. When compiled the latching pins on the top extend through both sides. Any thoughts on what is wrong?