FSR Holder for triangular Build Plate

by B0rax Nov 12, 2014
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Hi! Can you share the drawing of triangular build plate

How wold FSRs fare underneath a heated bed?

I thought about that when I made the holder... the answer back then was: not well. The FSR datasheet says it works up to ~60°C. Although In another printer I’m running the exact same FSR in a 50° chamber right next to a 100° bed without any issues...

So I would say: if you want to be sure, use a insulating spacer (printed ABS for example) between the bed and the FSR and you’ll be fine.

hello. wonderful design! what do you do with the FSRs? is it possible to use their data outputs for bed leveling somehow?

Exactly. It is used as a replacement for the mechanical bed probe. Instead, the hotend pushes down directly on the printbed when probing. This pressure is detected by the FSRs. An attiny converts this analog signal into a simple on/off signal which is read in as a normal endstop.
If you search around a bit you will find the schematics and everything you need.

In my experience it works quite well. A lot better than the mechanical bed probe.

nice, thank you, i thought so. very cool. i think i'll give this a go, although the FSRs i've found so far are fairly expensive considering i need 3. did you DIY your attiny circuit or are you using JohnSL's FSR board? i can only find DIY instructions for the old solution through the thermister, but not for the newer/better solution using a microcontroller for FSR output smoothing...

I made the board myself. Using an ATtiny85. I don't know where I got the code, sorry...

ok, awesome! fair enough. if you managed it i'll keep looking....maybe i can figure it out too. thanks for getting back to me so quickly, really appreciate your help! have a nice day :-)