Maker Faire Robot Action Figure PIP (with supports): 2015 3D Printer Shoot Out Test Models

by MAKE Nov 11, 2014
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Here's my attempt (timelapse and final result): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZfXN7BkUI4
SBS, 35mm/sec, 0.2mm height, Hot End: 225°C, Table 90°C

3h 20min

Is it an action figure and or are they many different solid ones? Thanks!

I printed out two copies. One on my Flashforge Finder and the other on an MK3. The Flashforge came off fully articulated. But the MK3 legs won't break free, like many have said. The MK3 has MUCH tighter tolerances than the Flashforge, so it does appear there's might need to be an adjustment to make it universally successful. I'm going to try cutting the legs free, but so far, that hasn't worked. Maybe some of the tips here will make it print more successfully on the MK3. The robot is really cool. -- (added comment) and as soon as I posted this, the legs broke free with the help of an exacto.

What settings did you use on your Flashforge Finder? Mine are coming out fused, inarticulate. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Hmm. I don't remember, exactly, but I used S3D to slice it, which always did good prints for me. It was better than the free programs for many of my prints. It was probably set at the high quality setting.

It prints supports inside the body behind the leg joints. Make sure you remove them before trying to move the legs, I broke my leg joints before realizing the supports were in there. Great model!

When you print this don't use a raft or any supports. They will clog up the flexible joints and that's why your legs etc break or don't work. Print with bot in seated position. Your welcome.

Great model! Fantastic print! Thank you!

Printed well for me - even scaled down to 70%.

I use a Felix Pro 2 Touch printer.

I also printed it on a replicator+ and everything except the legs moved. When i tried the legs broke off. So make i would remove this from your magazine. Because it would look horrible on your end to place a faulty model in a magazine and plus the makers didn't even answer my message i sent to them from here or my comment on how to fix it.

+1, it is just not sturdy enough

No part of this model is faulty, 80+ people printed it successfully, including me. Your printer isnt up to the task

Well, add me to the list o people that agrees with MasterChief. Upper legs need some work so more people, like Sterminare, can be successful.

I printed this model.
Thanks for uploading it!
And I share my youtube video about what I printed.

First (and probably only) attempt, all working except the upper legs. Just chose the default settings on my Da Vinci 2.0a. Layer Hight of .3,10% density, normal speed, black ABS filament. Only had the printer a few days, and new to this stuff, so still learning. Averaging 8 hours a day printing for the 5 days I have owned it.

print this wonderfull maker fare robot, but the arms, leggs, ... whill not move.
While during to try it my robot brake...


Yeah, you have to have a really tuned in printer to get this to print and all joints work. It's tricky but can be done.

I liked it but the first time I printed it the print quality was terrible so I stopped it then tried again same problem the I tried scaling it down now its just fine until I try moving any limbs

I'm going to ask the dumb question... Do you print it out sitting and then, if printed correctly, the legs/arms/heads will move?

deberia aclarar que no es MOVIL !!

Es Movi :) pense que era una figura estatica pero si se imprime bien todas las partes se pueden mover, solo hay que limpiar las primeras capas o rafting.

Comments deleted.

I get an error saying this thing is not manifold. i will try to print anyway.

My Settings:
MakerBot Replicator 2 (upgraded Raffle Alum Carriage & Extruder Upgrade)
MakerBot MakerWare
HIGH Profile with MakerWare Default Settings:
Infill 15%
Shells 2
Layer height .1mm
Temp 230c
Speed while Extruding: 90 mm/s
Speed while Traveling: 150 mm/s
MakerBot PLA 1.75
No Rafts, No MakerWare Supports, however as documented in the ThingInfo model does have MeshMixer supports for arms
Printed from SD Card
Build Time 4hrs 48mins

Did the limbs work fine for you? I have had issues with designs from other accounts and I'm worried I will waste plastic!

Hi Wesdalelio, Yes, everything worked great. I've made about bunch of them now, in just about every PLA that I have.

You will need to be able to reliably print at 0.1mm, otherwise, I suspect you might have trouble with the joints or head turning. The clearances easily work at that resolution.

Other than the shape of the eyes, is this robot identical to the previously uploaded one from 2013?

We've posted this new model as a derivative, the only change is the addition of MeshMixer generated supports under the arms. The shape of the eyes is the same.