Laser Pointer Rocking Mount for ZWobble Compensation

by tealvince Feb 25, 2013
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This is not working for me anymore. I get this error code:
22:57:19.322 : ZWobble Amp (A) 0.00 phase (P) 0.00 period (W) 1.41 puls 4.45 Warning! Inconsistent parameters!
Any thoughts?

Are you getting this when you "print" the compensation file? The compensation isn't persistent; you need to re-send it every time you power off/on the printer

I just have it in the "start code" menu in Repetier. This should reset and add it to each print, right?

That should work. What are the exact commands you are sending?

I've been watching this in Soliforum and I just want to know if this still a reliable solution.

The wobble-compensation? Absolutely. IMHO It's the easiest way to definitively fix any periodic error in the layer height because it does so regardless of the actual hardware cause. It just requires a way to measure the non-linearity in the z-carriage movement and the laser rocker does that. The updated software does the rest by inverting the measured non-linearity curve when sending z-coordinates to the printer.

I only ask because it seems that near the end of a couple of those discussions, it sounded like some were starting to have doubts.
Do I just add this to the "start code" menu in the "g-code editor" tab in Repetier, after I find my laser pointer and get the measurements?

You can do that (and that's what I did at first). But now I just load the completed separate code file into pronterface and "Print" it (i.e. send it to the printer) before starting any printing. The compensation settings will then stay active until the printer logic board is powered down or reset, so you only have to send it before the first print. I did, however, add an "M96" command to my start gcode so that whenever a start a print, it dumps out the current compensation curve so I know that compensation is on.

I never found my laser pointer so I just used the Gcode example you had posted in Solifourum and you know what, it works. I'm sure if I did my own measurements it would be better but I am satisfied with this. Z banding is undetectable at .3 and at .1 it can be seen but barely. You have done some fine work here (or in Soliforum anyway). If you're ever in Denver call me, I owe you a beer. : )