Coved Picture Frame -- Customizable

by lorenmcconnell Feb 25, 2013
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A big THANK YOU to lorenmcconnell. This is a remix of her hard work, I just changed the lettering.


Panama 2018 --


When I open this frame in openscad I get four cylinders lying in the coves where the lettering should be.
I'm using the latest Write.scad from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16193/#files

What am I doing wrong? See http://willeweb.com/tmp/frame-cylinders.jpg



Hi Loren,
This is a GREAT design, especially usin SCAD! Thank you for posting it. I'll try to print this soon and post the pictuers of result. However - looking at the design in slicer and scad - small suggestion in regards of rabbet - it would be a bit hard to print the frame witt rabbet like trhis (even if you print frame and backer separatelly which I'm planning to do anyway) with such overhang - basically it's pretty much impossible to print horizontal "ceilings" in the air on 3d printers without some support or having the overgang increasing gradually over the short arc or slope. If the both parts would be printed together they would most likely merge / stuck making them hard to split afterwards.So the solution would be to have the top inside edges of the rabbet sloped (but then the glass / plexi would need to be sloped too) or to make additional small frame insert printed separatelly (in "reverse" slope shape) to achieve the standard rectangular shape of rabbet again. I'm not sure If it's understandable from my description here - if not I'll try to draw some example of the inner part of the frame / rabber in thinkercad and post the name / link here so you can have a look.

Enable support material in your slicing engine, and the rabbet should be supported. Some slicers treat this differently. Cura, for example, has options for support "everywhere" or "touching build plate". Choose "everywhere", and the rabbet should be supported. Slic3r seems to always behave in the "everywhere" mode. If you need to, verify the support with a gcode visualizer, like http://gcode.wshttp://gcode.ws. The nice thing about support for the rabbet is that it is in a hidden area -- imperfect removal shouldn't show.

How has this not already been featured? Great work, this is a fantastic design available to the entire world for free!