VR Headset (HMD)

by emoretto Nov 12, 2014
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I built one and it works pretty well, but the phone slips around too much for my liking, so I'll be doing a re-mix specifically for the Galaxy S4 when I get some time. ;-)

I encountered two issues with the design: (Which I'll address in my re-mix, but figured I'd let you know)
1) My lenses didn't fit into the Lens Cap" holders properly - I could not insert them at the 1.75mm height (The layer just before you start to fill in the top of the lens mount) as the lens hits the heat bed and will not fit in the groove (by about 1.25mm!). (Googling says the side with the greater curvature should face the phone) And even if I turned them around so the 'shallow' side was facing my heat bed, it still hit the heat bed and didn't fit (by about 0.5mm). So I ended up just printing the part without inserting the lens, then carved out the 'upper' ring mostly out with an x-acto knife, and pressed the lens into place. I then locked it in place with the "Lens Holders Cap".
2) The slots in the 'inside' part the the "Optics Support" are too small. The outside diameter of the "Lens Cap" part is ~29mm. The slot was barely 26mm, so I had to enlarge them to work.

Hey there @jartz can you please share the modified optics Support file? I am having the same sizing issues,

Sorry @aldanem, I never ended up creating a remix. :( I had just modified mine by some careful trimming/adjustments with a hobby knife. I only used them a few times, then other priorities came up in life and I never got back to them...

Hi Emerson!
Is there a newer version of this project?
Take care!

Why does this one not have a magnet slot on it?


just make and glue into place.

Google's Cardboard Magnetic Switch

I assume because it's meant to be used with a bluetooth/wireless controller (IE PS3/4 or wireless Xbox controller)

Exactly!! Thanks Timebomb

For anyone interested, The pause at Z height on an Ultimaker 2 is at 1.7mm for the Lens Cap v2 part.

Your instructions say to add the lenses after layer 5. What layer height are you using that corresponds to layer 5 being the right position?

sorry... I've used 0.35 layer height.

where did you get lenses from

Your instructions say 50mm focal length, but your link above is 45mm. I'm hoping you meant 50, because I've got a pack of the 50s heading my way now:

If this is not the case, would you be willing to alter the lens holder for me to add another 5mm of distance?
Thank you

awesome!! Can you do a pull request on github for the changes ? (lens holder, nose and elastic holder option)

Hi jarradhope, I've uploaded source files here. I'll make a refactor before pull request, ok?

Sweet looking forward to it, great to hear our work is really helping people! Will you make a blog or pics of your work / it being used ? I would love to see and share it

Sweet looking forward to it, great to hear our work is really helping people! Will you make a blog or pics of your work / it being used ? I would love to see and share it

It will be presented (and documented) in a event at nov 30, here in São Paulo/Brazil. This same event was held in Israel, you have to watch the video: http://tomisrael.org

Our propose is a Virtual Reality using this VR Headset and a joystick. We are working in a "suspended wheelchair joystick", the same movements performed by disabilities people in a wheelchair (moving wheels) make the user "walk" in 3D scenario.

Hey did you get any pics/video of the TOM São Paulo event and the VR headset? Would love to see!

of course jarradhope!! It's not a elegant code :] (i'm beginner in openscad).
By the way, you did a awesome job! Thank you so much!

We are using this headset with people with disabilities to create a virtual immersion in places where they cannot go.