WBHY Tap Handle

by fermware Nov 13, 2014
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Is there any chance you have the file of the hop cone without the top and bottom notch? If it were a complete hop cone that would be even more deal. I'm attempting to print out a 3d hop cone to place on top of a stick to make a sort of a stick grenade (Stielhandgranate) tap handle, but I'm having trouble filling the notched sections in. I've attached my attempt so far.


Would you be willing to list the original nut you used for the tap handle? I had a friend print this for me and the nut I have is too big. I would hate to have him reprint due to me not knowing what thread I needed.

Thank you

There is no nut, it's a knurled brass insert. I've also set the model at a general hole size that may need to be modified based on your specific printer. The information for the McMaster part number and actual part number are there.
It's a 3/8"-16 thread if that helps.

Are you using a dual extruder setup? I was curious how you did the green lettering, as well as the border and text on the placard in this pic: http://fermware.com/wp-content/uploads/016-customer-Linkenbrau.jpg

Those are most likely the same inserts.

Also what did you design these in? I was hoping I could somehow import to sketchup to remix them with the proper hole size for my printer, and possibly change the text on the side to display each type of beer, etc... I tried to import the stl's into sketchup but after importing the stl, and exporting a test stl, it was broken (without making any changes). Your stl's look fine, it just breaks at some point during the import into sketchup.

I designed them using SolidWorks, but I'm sorry, I'm not going to distribute the native SolidWorks.

I know you said your files arent open, so I hope you dont mind... but I was able to get the stl imported into sketchup. I made a .3mm recess for a placard, and then recessed some little holes for some neo magnets.


I'm happy to see remixes, as long as everyone is respectful of the Creative Commons license I've attached to these.
Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike

Yup, like I said, I will definitely upload any modified files once I get them finalized next week. I dont plan on selling them or anything. I just dont really have time for it. I just do this stuff as a hobby.

I then made some placards similar to yours that will fit inside the recess in the tap handle, and I recessed some holes in the placard for magnets.


Here are the magnets I ordered. http://www.ebay.com/itm/100-1000pcs-3-x-1mm-N35-Strong-Disc-Rare-Earth-Neodymium-Small-Magnets-1-8x1-32-/301771773769?var=&hash=item4642ffd749:m:mA9qvZTTPnp3IrRTpgCicTg

I will have to wait on those, as well as my threaded inserts from grainger, so that I can print some test pieces before I finalize the magnet and thread insert hole sizes. I will be sure to upload the files as a remix once I am done.

So far so good


I messaged you about printing me the little emblems, but I think I will just wait till next payday and order the filament and print them myself. I am going to use the tap handles over the weekend and see how the magnetic placards hold up. If all goes well, I will upload the files sunday.

Thanks again.

Heres a shot of the main tap handle body with the magnets and insert from grainger: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-SLg3EUewffo/VkZcVSR5sXI/AAAAAAAAYL8/d2jHiwcQN_U/s912-Ic42/DSC09456.JPG

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I have printed it, and it looks great. I stuck to one color (white) so I'll need to do some painting. One thing is the hole for the threaded insert, it's way too small! I'm going to have to drill it out in order to fit the threaded brass insert, I cannot imagine there are any out there that would fit the current dimensions as it's about the size of the thread on the tap faucet.

This suggestion would have been useful to you before you started, but I would recommend printing a test piece the size of the hole as drawn (0.450") and then adjust your model to suit your machine and what fit you would like. I have not fully optimized my printer and I still need to clean up the hole with a drill bit before pressing the insert in. I print horizontal and even with supports, I still typically get an ellipse instead of a circle.

Looks awesome, gonna try to print one up this weekend