Traditional Nesting Dolls

by mariothemagician Feb 26, 2013
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How is the top half supposed to print with no supports? I haven't tried yet, but I can't imagine that the inside lip of the top half could print without falling down. Are you supposed to rotate the top half upside down...?

They print without supports as is. Please don't forget after printing you will have to file down the inside lip a little. I used a small metal file, sandpaper should work too

Sounds good. I just haven't printed anything with that much overhang before. I'll give it a go! My girlfriend is in Russia for a semester abroad and though she might get a kick out of this. Thanks for making the design!

they are an extremely tight fit. on the largest one i cant put them together.

you do have to sand/file the inside rim of each doll.

Hi, I am making one of these for a school project. How do I make the features on it?
I need facial features

The dolls have faces on them, like the pictures above. They all print, the pictures are from the downloaded files

can you add colour wrl and x3d for people on shapeways, imaterialise and sculpteo to print them in original full colours I do an people use the files I use tinkercad too

I'd make a customize russian doll set it so cute!

alum thats a great idea!! Hi from NYC! :) !

I think the Customizable OpenSCAD version would be great! Hi from Russia! ;)

Thank you! :)
I did use TinkerCad!!!

="thingiverse-da740a2d739707c310f3762453b41359:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-da740a2d739707c310f3762453b41359/guydebored sorry for the super long delay>>>> Yes I did!!

These are great! Did you use TinkerCAD?

Thank you! :) all on Tinkercad. It was tricky getting the face and flower image to curve with the doll. It was a fun challenge. I am learning openScad right now. Its a whole other crazy

What is a .x3g file and what do I do with it? Do you know how to scale the .stl to the right size for each doll? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

="thingiverse-5596542fbe4b92a84e5ff41a01641eee:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-5596542fbe4b92a84e5ff41a01641eee/FatalDischarge .x3g is formatted to go on an sd card for the replicator. I just uploaded all .stl files for each size. Hope that helps! :)

Indeed it does help. Thank you!