40t HTD5 Electric Longboard Pulleys for ABEC 11 Flywheels & Clones - 9mm, & 15mm

by brentyi Nov 14, 2014
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Any chance we can get a 12mm version?

Hi, can you make a 18mm version ?

Could you please make a htd3 version? I am on a very very tight budget and I dont have any money to buy a new pulley for my motor which is htd3. Please please please help me out

Do you have the source files? STEP? SLDPRT?

could you make one with 32t?

I'm not sure how, but I think I must have done something wrong while printing the pieces. Either that or I don't fully understand how it's supposed to be assembled. I can insert the pulley into one side of the of the wheel, and rotate it clockwise so I can see the screw holes lined up with the gaps in the spokes. If i rotate it the other direction the spokes block the holes and I can't get the screws through.

So I flip it around to the other side to add the retainer piece, but it seems like the holes are on the wrong side or something. it slides perfectly into the flywheel, but the holes don't line up. They're on opposite sides of the gaps between the spokes. So I can put the screws in through the side with the pulley on it and the screws run into the little cog things on the retainer piece that slots into the spokes. The same thing happens if I start the screws on the side with the retainer piece, but they run into the cogs on the pulley side.

But when I put the pieces together not inside a wheel, the screw holes hole up and everything looks like it should fit.

I'm super confused. Did I print the wrong parts or somehow manage to mirror something in cura?

Double check that you printed the right models! The pulley for the thicker hubs will only work with the retainer for the thicker hubs; same deal with the regular size. A pulley/retainer pair that don't match intentionally appears mirrored.

do you have the same issue ?
I printed it and HTD5 belt doesnt completely dip into the tooth spaces


If you used the 36t version, there may have been some issues with the STL I uploaded.
There's a bunch of remixes of my model which you can try instead.

Sorry for the trouble!

thanks ! I will check

Are you planning to make a 32T 15mm version ?

Maybe, but mostly I want to make a 36T 15mm.

Can anyone send me a link of the bolts I need to use so I can order them.

I'm trying to build an e-skate for a school project. I've tried to use this design but I have a different tipe of belt than hdt5. Would you be able to send me the original file for the wheel insert? I'll be able to make the new pulley myself. My schools e-mail is [email protected]
I hope you will see this comment.
Sincerely, Leonardo.

would it be too difficult to include a 12mm size?

Hi, Are you sure they are HTD5? Depth of teeth looks like HTD3. I printed it and HTD5 belt doesnt completely dip into the tooth spaces.

It definitely should be 5mm pitch; I've run with Gates + Ametric + Polybelt HTD5 belts without any fit issues.

Here's what the teeth look like on my setup: http://i.imgur.com/qxjkQHU.jpg

Are there non "thick" versions for the 36T. I can only seem to find the files for the "thick" 36T in both 9mm and 15mm. Thanks!

Great work! I wish I would have found this before starting my own project:
The HTD5 seems like a much better alternative compared to the XL type belt I used in mine :)

Electric longboard motor mount
by Jonni

New to thingverse, still researching in order to ask reasonable questions but looking for a wheel pulley for ABEC 107mm Electric Flywheel. If this has already been made somewhere and I missed it please can you point me in the right direction? All of the ones I have seen are for 83, 90, 97mm but the width/contact patch of 107mm is 65mm and centerset so need really deep hub to work (or slice down the 107mm width, which defeats the purpose). Any hep much appreciated, Thanks!

Hey, could someone maybe help me, i am new to 3d modelling :)
I want to merge a HTD3 Pulley i created with this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16627 with this wheel adapter, but how do i do this centered? i tried it with sketchup, but i cant manage to get it 100% centered, its always a bit off...

Please help, Thanks!

Parametric pulley - lots of tooth profiles

@iLikeVape were you able to find a solution to this?

hI everyone, i have a question for thouse who already made theit parts.
what accuracy should i use? 100 micrones, 200 or 300?
200 is enaugh or i should do 100?

Assuming you mean layer height, 200 should be fine.

Quick question, is this thing your creation? because i saw a very similar design being sold by enertion, and I noticed your license here, just to ensure that you are not getting f* by someone selling your design and not giving you your rights.

I don't think enertion is ripping this design off his model looks quite different. I also believe brentyi can't really own much rights to this design because it is probably close to the wheels manufactures mold design(minus the gear which would be technically owned buy a different designer).

What size flywheel did you design this for? 83mm or 90mm?
Can you make a 36T version?

Another request for a 36 T version please. I've tried all the other pulley's the teeth don't line up perfect like yours. I think it has to do with the flat spots on the belt.

Just put up a (completely untested) 36T version!

It should fit both!

For a 36T version, you should be able to download the model and simply slap a 36T pulley profile onto it.

Can this be printed at shapeways in strong black and flexible?
When I upload the STL, I didn't see any options to change the print options for 4 shells and 35% infill..

It'll probably be fine, but I can't make any guarantees since I haven't tried it personally.

It may be safer (and cheaper) to find somebody who can run the part on an FDM printer; MakeXYZ or 3DHubs would be useful for this.

have you actually tested working? if so, how long have you being using it?

I've ridden with printed pulleys for several hundred miles in both single and dual wheel drive configurations without any failures, though I've been replacing them every 75~100 miles or so for general safety and wear reasons.

Is there anyway to make this available with different amounts of teeth? Thanks so much.

You can take a look at the various remixes other people have made for other tooth counts, or give modifying the model yourself a shot.
(in general I find 40t to be a good number, though -- good balance of ground clearance & torque properties.

hey mate, i have acquired some so called "blankwheels". the outer diameter of the non-thick version is perfect but the 6 pins do not fill out the holes entirely. http://i.imgur.com/DBNB5su.jpg I was hoping you could help me out and add a "blankwheel" configuration to your collection of gears and retainers

Have you tried running through screws through it as-is? If the pulley remains centered the exact fit of the pulley isn't critical.
You might have just gotten a new or rare version of the wheels.

you're probably right, i will just use the non-thick version. The printer i use is really bad with support material so i sliced the gear into 2 pieces where the gear begins, let me know if you want those models

What is the best material to print this with?

I print mine in ABS with 4 shells at 35% infill, though PLA would probably work fine as well.

Hey mate what dimension bolts should i get. Im Australian and i dont really understand imperial. Cheers

It'd be ideal if you could try and get your hands on some #10-32x2.5 inch screws, but in a pinch M5 x ~65mm screws should work as well.

It'll be a slightly tighter fit but M5 screws will still slip through; the nut traps would be oversized but it should still work. (if you know CAD you can also just modify the nut trap dimensions to fit metric nuts)

Awesome thanks for that i ended up using some 3/16 inch brass threaded rod that i had lying around and added a nylock on each end which worked perfectly.
Do you could make a 15mm thick version? Cheers

I love you. Saved me alot of hassle of making my own.

How did you model the HTD5 pitch?
I have been trying to do it without much success in Fusion 360 and would love to adapt it for a 15mm width belt for Orangatang Kegel wheels.

I couldn't find any official documentation from Gates, so I started by studying pulley models downloaded from SDP-SI.

If you're lazy, you can just derive the geometry from a downloaded step file, extrude it, and tack on any hole patterns or features you need to mount it to the wheel.
Otherwise, the math for making a parametric model is actually fairly simple; the tooth profile is really just composed of a couple arcs which you can measure from the CAD and apply a circular pattern to.

what pitch timing belt does this use? im looking to use a 3mm pitch and 15mm wide one

It's HTD5, so the pitch is 5mm.

5mm is a little nicer in my opinion because it's a little more tolerant in terms of pulley dimension accuracy and tensioning, the latter of which lets you leave your belts a tiny bit looser for increased efficiency. HTD3 gives more flexibility in terms of gearing, but it's difficult to pull off without a good tensioning system and/or an idler for extra tooth engagement.

could you make a 3mm Pitch 15mm wide pulley with 48T and/or 50T please? i am trying since days to make one my own but i can't get it printed successfully :(
The ring between the wheel mount and the pulley would need to be about 5mm thick so it fits my motor mount.

Thank you so much if you could do this!

This is great will print

You da man!
Thanks a lot for the 15mm