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Santa Hat - Christmas decoration that fits onto the top of a bottle of Bubbly!

by muzz64 Nov 15, 2014
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Hi would you be OK with me making some of these on my printer and selling them to people in my country (New Zealand) using Facebook trading pages? At mabey between 5 and 10 nzd?
Just thought I would check with you before doing it then having copyright issues

The support inside the hat is not showing up anyone else have this issue?

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the designed in support. I assume you are using Cura for slicing? I've had similar reports from members who use Cura about other designs with designed in support not showing. I use MakerBot's and their proprietary slicer so don't have this issue however apparently there is an advanced setting that you can turn on so it will see 'fine detail'. That seems to resolve it as Cura is ignoring this support because the surfaces are fine / thin. Failing that, try rotating the design 15 - 30 degrees on your slicers build plate before slicing as that may force the software to see the surfaces better... and last possibility... scale it up by 5 - 10% which will again increase the thickness so hopefully make the software pick it up.

I hope this helps.

Actually it doesn't show up on cura but, when I started printing the support came out so it's odd but, all good.

I remixed your model for dual extrusion, but I am unable to post a remix due to your license setting. Would you allow me to publish my version with a link back and credit to you?

Thanks for your message and I'm agreeable to that for dual extrusion machine purposes only as long as you have test printed it to ensure there are no issues with the files. However, I don't want to change my licence terms so I doubt you will be able to post it as a remix. You will probably need to rename it and publish it as a new thing... but still provide the reference back in the text overview area.

Thanks, muzz! You rock. I love your designs.

Here's the link to my new thing:

Dual/Multi Material Santa Hat Bottle Topper
by ucdmoo

I was surprised that it wasn't easier to tip you. I couldn't find a way other than downloading the file again. Anyway, I know you spent extra time making this file and it's the best one I've downloaded to date. flawless print! I'll be watching!

Comments deleted.

This is the best file I've downloaded! Took almost 8 hours to print, but it was flawless!!

Pleased to hear it printed well for you and you like it!

Please fix the "alt" version. The hat is one layer higher than the support.

Thanks for letting me know. That must have happened when I was asked for the alt_support version to suit certain slicing apps so redsigned the support. Anyway, amended file uploaded now...

Thank you, now it works perfect!

Thank you muzz, it seems that I had the same layer shift problem with the Zortrax in fact. The result was a lift off from raft after a few layers. I will try Again.

Hi, I have no good results with my Zortrax. There is an issue with the first base layer.

Could you provide the STL without any support nor printing aid ?

Thank you.

no_support option added... all the best!

supports dont work Cura wont slice thin walls

I've uploaded an alt_support version which has thicker designed in support. This will take a bit longer to print and use a fraction more filament but hopefully it works okay for you. I haven't test printed it but it should be fine as the support parts is all that has been amended.

All the best... Merry Christmas!

When slicing the model in cura, the alt support model has a few extra layers in the support piece. The support piece prints two layers then starts printing the hat.

That is a slicing issue by the sound of it. I checked the design file and the designed in support is very simple structures so should not cause any issues. However, Cura and Simplify 3D do seem to have trouble dealing with more complex things at time... I use MakerBot's and their app so have no issues like this.

However, what has worked for some people is to reposition (rotate) the model on the build plate. Changing its position will affect the tool path developed by the slicer so it may overcome the issue. Worth a try...

Oh thank you very much! I will make several more this weekend and merry christmas to you too!

Thanks for building in a simple support. This is the optimal amount of plastic to waste