E3D v6 Bowden X-carriage mount Prusa i3

by Tech2C Nov 16, 2014
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hi fella i using the anet a8 with skynet v232 what do i need to modify in the configuration h fils for this


Any chance that you could upload this as STEP file

alibre Design Professional is not sending me their trial version :-/

Hey mate, I use Cubify Design. You can download the 30 day trial from here:


I been using this set up for a month now. It works great but I think the hot end could be closer to the x carriage. Does anyone know of a similar design but shorter?

I created a Probe mount for this at :http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2032515

Inductive sensor adapter for Prusa i3
by blanius

Has anyone found a way to use this head and have a drag chain/cable chain to go along with it?

hi I have been watching your youtube videos for a while and wow awesome stuff just to confirm will this work on a geeetech / prusa i3 it was a cheap buy but seems to work really well. I'm just a bit unsure on how it will fit on that's all . I have ordered e3d v6 but haven't ordered the extruder yet as not sure where on earth that would mount to can you help me out if I sent you pictures of my current set up

yes it fits i use it on geeetech i 3 pro b 8mm acrylic..!
works just perfect..!
i use it with this - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:586636

Prusa i3 Rework X-carriage with additional holes for Wade's extruder

thanks cyberbrain much appreciated

I am in the process of converting my Anet A8 to the E3D with Bowden setup. I like your filament feeder design also. Could you also upload the files for your extruder frame and motor mount?

do you have the file for the fan part?

Hey, do you have the x axis mount? thanks:)

Will this work with the E3D Lite6?

I really like this design but having the fan mount holes horizontally and attached to the clamp portion of the holder makes it difficult to find compatible fan shrouds/adapters and increases the chance of vibration. Could you modify the part to have the holes vertical, instead of looking at the bed? And perhaps mount them to the body somehow? I have a lot of trouble trying to bring the .stl into solidworks as a surface and cant do the mod myself without redesigning the whole shebang.

Hang tight, I'll be uploading a 'Version 2' of this Bowden system in a few hours. It will solve your cooling fan mounting needs ;)

I uploaded a remixed cap, feel free to use it in your primary V2 post!

Nice, keen to get the new one, was just about to start printing the current one.

I really like this design but having the fan mount holes horizontally and attached to the clamp portion of the holder makes it difficult to find compatible fan shrouds/adapters and increases the chance of vibration. Could you modify the part to have the holes vertical, instead of looking at the bed? And perhaps mount them to the body somehow? I have a lot of trouble trying to bring the .stl into solidworks as a surface and cant do the mod myself without redesigning the whole shebang.

do you also have the files for the motor part of the extruder?

i look at this picture about 2 hours, but still cannot find how do you attached the fan? using which part?
can someone enlighten me?

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Dang, did this make a difference... I upgraded from an MK8 to a Bowden setup. Prints are 200% better.

hello,can you give me the STL file for the part in blue plastic that you are using in the back of the fan?

Hi can someone please tell me where I can find the black plastic part that is mounted on the two rods? I am talking about the part that holds the linear bearings. Thanks.

It's the X-CARRIAGE.stl from the Prusa i3 Rework kit.

Prusa i3 Rework

Anyone tried this X-Carriage on an Anet A8? Mine seems to be about 1mm off between the guide rails

Could you make it for a 40MM fan also ? :(

Here : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1554543
There aren't any pictures at the moment i just had it printed and it all fits together, enjoy ;)

E3D v6 Prusa i3 Mount with 2x 40mm fan ducts

What did you use as bowden-drive?

NEMA 17 motor with MK8 drive gear.

need source file or 40mm fan mount clamp :((

Here : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1554543
There aren't any pictures at the moment i just had it printed and it all fits together, enjoy ;)

E3D v6 Prusa i3 Mount with 2x 40mm fan ducts

Thank you, been hunting for a while for this file haha.

Hey guys, Does anyone knows what mount are using for the extruder motor in the video? Thanks :)

He put it onto the z axis support rods using this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:550727

I'm going to try to draw up a mount that will sit on the top of the printer or on the side of it and I'll try to upload it if I do.

Bowden extruder mount on Z-Axis support threaded rod
by Tech2C

You can add the openscad version of the source code ?


i have got 3 questions.

  1. can i mount it to the x axis part of my prusa i3 pro or do i need to print an other one ? if i need to print one do you got one ?

  2. i would like to mount some LEDs (3mm). so could i ask you to create a ring where i.e. 8 LEDs could be mounted ? something like that


  1. i use this auto bed leveling


any idea how to mount it ?

Led ring with fan mount
Auto bed leveling upgrade for Geeetech Prusa I3 with Sanguinololu or RAMPS & LCD2004
by vad7

ok question 1 is answered. i took it from this prusa i3 rework


Problem number 3 is also solved. I printed this here (just the one part which is mounted to the x-carriage)


Prusa i3 Rework
E3D V6 Bowden mount with servo.

Hi Tech2C. I'm wondering if you can give me some recomendations to set up my Bowden extruder on the Repetier Host since I've been working with the traditional direct extruder and the Bowden configuration is a complete "New World" to me...Thanks a lot in advance for your help with this matter. Cheers!

Hi. Well this is your lucky day! The difference is all mechanical. The only firmware change you need to make is the number of steps for the extruder.
I haven't used Repetier firmware so I can't direct you on where to change this, but after you google how to change the extruder steps on Repetier Host, that's it!

Well...I got this:


So, thanks a lot, I'll be busy working on that next weekend! Have a great day !!!

Hey tech2c, i've printed this one. What did you used for the x-end stop since the NEMA is no longer there? I'm seen a cube, attached to the x-carriage? is that so? You glued it or how did you fixed it?

Thx!. Cheers

Howdy. Yes, I glued one of the many thousand calibration cubes I had spare to the x-carriage. It was a quick fix at the time.
It's still there and works flawlessly so I haven't bothered to design something more 'elegant' :)

I use your mount on my prusa i3. I had some troubles to fit the m4 nuts and my carriage broke. Could you move the nut grooves a little further from the hotend and make the carriage a little wider so the material around the nuts will be thicker?
See the image to understand what mods I need.
Thank you.

Hi there - I saw your great videos on YouTube! I have an issues with my Z axis couplers. They were Chinese cheap ones (got 2 of them for 6$) but the holes are not 5mm. I tried to screw the set screws, but this doesn't worked. I tried the tape method as well - still nothing. I now want to repear them and make my second printer to life (I'm using another one right now) but when I see my not-working printer...well...my hearth breaks. :) Also - the M5 nuts in the X carriages...what is that blue tube you got there?
P.S. I have a Prusa i3, not the Rework one... Does the holes for the All-metal holder fit for the carriage of the regular Prusa i3?
P.S.S. I bought a capacitive and inductive sensors for auto bed levelling... Also - an aluminium plate for a build platform. :) Cheers!

hi,congrats nice improvement need your help will you add that black part file for fitting hotend properly..

Love your videos! You and a couple of others have inspired me to get my own Prusa i3 (made by Sintron, I wanted to be able to use the Arduino Mega.)

I am printing this thing as I type. Can you recommend an "X" carriage that will accommodate this Thing for my Prusa i3?

I want to get the extra weight off the x axis ASAP


Hey there! Congrats on your new 3D printer :)

I'm using the Prusa i3 Rework. Search for this kit on Thingiverse and just print the x-carriage.

Could you be please be a bit more specific? I'm on the middle of my own project with this mount (...of course I'll post my "Make" later!) but I'm in trouble to find the right "Prusa i3 Rework" X-Carriage since I've found different options there...a link or a "Make" on your own profile would be so helpful!... I'd really appreciate that.

Thanks in advance for your help with this matter and congratulations on your wonderful job!

Hi, could you please add a 40 mm fanbracket and duct ? ... great design :)

Am I imagining it or are the holes slightly too close to one another? If I line up the holes with the holes in the rework's x carriage in my 3d application of choice the distance between the holes doesn't seem to be quite right, about 0.4mm in both directions I'd say:


Orange is this part, black is the rework x carriage. Bottom left hole is aligned, shows the offset of the other 3.

I've printed one out and it seems to work just fine though so I'm not sure what's going on, I did that to mock up a modification adding a print fan holder I'm working on and I didn't want the fan and fan shroud to hit the x-carriage.

Hmm, nobody else has complained, so I assume the whole positions are accurate enough?

Maybe rounding errors switching between units inch/mm? I made these using metric.

Yeah not sure though, almost done making my own version and I think I'll leave the holes alone, I've added a print fan mounting point and adjusted the dimensions a bit to make the nozzle the same location as the direct extruder I use ( www.thingiverse.com/thing:725082 ), fan mount is also the same relative position to the nozzle as my other extruder, should be fairly plug and play to swap between direct and bowden like that I hope.

E3D v6 Compact Extruder for i3 Rework

Hi, can you provide the models in other fileformat? i cant open the ".AD_PRT" file with the alibre program

Thanks in advance

Really? I assumed Alibre Design could open these files as that is the file type... lol.

Anyway, just download 'Cubify Design' which has a 14 day free trial. Import the ".AD_PRT" files and play around with the export options.

Unfortunately there are no other export options in the trial Version.

Is there a possibility that you could upload an other cad format?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

Any reason why it (appears) to stick out so far in the y direction? I am wondering if there can be some benefit to making it more compact.

The dimensions mimic the direct drive extruder that the Prusa i3 has. It's so the nozzle position is in the same location on the bed.

Any chance you could modify this to be a dual bowden mount?

Awesome design by the way. By far my favorite extruder mount yet!

It's super easy to modify it to make it hold 2x hotends but I've heard dual bowden is very tricky, one guy even asserting you can't make it work without the ability to retract the nozzles when not in use to avoid oozing, either using a mechanism that makes the plastic retracting raise the hotend, or use a servo, could use one servo that swaps them or two to be able to toggle both up and down.

Hopefully not a silly question but the clone files threw me a bit, what are they for?

As per the comments below, it has slightly relaxed mounting dimensions for E3D clones available on eBay.

I got tripped up by this too. Maybe you should put that in the description?

Where can i get the other parts shown in your main picture?

Check the comments below for answers to similar questions, and also the 'Instructions' section.

hi i love your design ( actually using a remixed version for 18mm sensor ) :)
I only have a problem, i attach the 2 cooling fans in parrallel on my ramps output but i only get slow speeds even when i set the fan speed to 255, would you have an idea how to make it work?
have a nice day :)

Hi. That's a strange problem. With a multimeter check the voltage output to the fans when set to 255. Also check the voltage rating of your fans. Try 1 fan at a time to see if it's faster.


First off, high apreciat all your work! I love your YT Videos and your designs.

But i have one question and i hope this is not rude to ask you..

I am using a radiotor fan to cool down my noozle, so unfortunately this is not optimized to work with your E3D mount. Would it be possible for you to remix the fan holder attached to work with your E3D mount?? This would be great.

See link attached, STL "E3D_Fanmount2"

Thank you and keep going makeing this great stuff!

E3D Lite6 / v6 Bowden X-Carriage Mount
by Gfunk

Hey thanks! That fan is very compact, I may switch to it myself :)

Ok I've added the new part. Please give it a go and advise if it fits. Cheers

Doesn't fit a 100% but it works! Thank you!

Yes i would recommend using this fan, smaller size and very powerful!

Hi, I have a E3d v6 3mm. I was wondering if this setup will work with 3mm filaments?

It should, this is just the Hotend mount which has the same dimensions.
The Bowden extruder on the other hand will need gearing to increase the torque required to push 3mm filament through a 0.4mm nozzle.

i printed this setup but i couldn't get it working even with the gearing. it looks like the motor must be directly above the extruder. i think 1.75mm would've been ideal for me. i am not sure if i can turn the 3mm to 1.75mm...

Nice idea, But how did you fixed oozing of filament? Could you provide us slic3r setup for this?

Can I print this out of PLA? Or I have to use ABS for higher temperature? Will this work with PLA?

Definitely ABS to be safe. If you intend on printing with a heated bed, then you must print this part with ABS anyway.

Thanks...I'll try this...

I have a E3D clone. I printed only the front small part and it doesn't fit. Here are the dimensions I got from my part: http://cl.ly/image/1Z2F1z3W3p24
Could you edit your design to fit my part? I could edit this if I had an OpenSCAD file.
Thank you

I can do this. What name/brand/store is the clone?

I got it from ebay so it's a no name clone.

I just checked the dimensions, it should be a snug fit. I mean really snug, as in if your printer is calibrated on the 'generous' side then it will be too big. Either way I've uploaded another iteration with 'clone' in the part name.

Please reply back and advise if it fits ;)

Fits perfectly, thanks!

hi, what is your x-carriage and how can i print it? Where can i found? I have 2 lm8uu bearings is it fitting the x-carriage with 2 bearings?

Thinking to upgrade my i3 rework direct drive extruder to bowden and I found your designs through youtube.
Really like all of your upgrades. Do you think it would fit my e3d v5 hotend? Does it have a different mount from v6?

I'm sure the E3D v5 will work with this mount. Maybe check with e3d-online.com and see the data sheet of both v5 and v6 hotends for the physical dimensions of the mount.

I love the design. Its beautifully simplistic. I have one printed and plan on using it soon. However, I need a spot for a autobed leveling servo. Have you considered adding a servo mount? I am going to attempt to model one soon and I'll add it to the remix section.


I created a remix to include a servo mount. I still haven't tried it out yet. I just noticed the v6 will be a little longer using this mount since there is no aluminum mounting block. So this should still work but it might require a longer servo arm. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks for the design.

Glad you liked this design. Cheers for adding the servo mount.

hey tech2c, how do i attach the fan to the extruder mount?

Use M3x10mm screws and M3 nuts.

Yes, it would be great to have such a simple mount to have the same simple fan :)

Love it! Do you have link for the fan duct?

Cheers! Check the rest of my designs for the fan duct :)

Sorry I meant the part that let's you attach fan to hotend :) My HE didn't come with any. BTW printed out, and it's really great! I used #4-40 7/8" screws instead of M4 (hard to get metric fasteners here in USA), and they work fine too :)
Also I'm going to attempt to design holder for another fan to cool off workpiece (for overhangs).

Hey Bratan, the E3D came with a fan mount for the cold-end, so I haven't needed to design one. I'm sure Thingiverse has what you're looking for though.

When you've perfected the fan holder for printed parts, please post your design - it'll save me from having to design one as it's on my to-do list ;)

Can you please upload source files?
I hope you used solidworks :)

What bowden system are you using?


Check my "Makes" in my profile for the Bowden extruder model.

Nice work, what x-carrige frame are you using that has 4 holes (i.e what x-carrier do I have to use to have your mount to fit?)

I'm using the Prusa i3 Rework. Search for this kit on Thingiverse and just print the x-carriage.