Treasure Chest Dice Case

by dutchmogul Nov 16, 2014
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What are the inside dimensions?

How do you assemble the box. I cannot figure out how to make the hinge work.

I'm planning to make 5 of these; one for each player in the our Fantasy Age campaign. Printed the first one at twice the scale. It is great. The detail on the box really pops. However I've got a question. The keys don't seem to fit. Is it supposed to be like that or are they supposed to be printed at a different scale?

Hey, awesome! Yeah, the key is really tetchy, depends on the calibration of the printer/tolerances the printer puts out. It's not real necessary, but you can try printing it slightly smaller/larger if you want it to work. All it's meant to do is jam the lid shut while it's stiuck in (not actually open it like a key or anything).

Cool. I guess I get to experiment on various scales like the hinge pin to find the perfect size

This thing is great! printed first time perfectly. Very sturdy. I had to clean up the top a little to get it to close easily. No supports needed. Printed in PLA. I haven't tried the key.

I scaled it down to 35% and it still worked, had to use a separate string of filament at that size for the hinge, but it opens and closes easily. Really cool that the detail is still there at the smaller size.

Awesome job!

Of note, my D&D dice must be a big bigger than standard, can fit all but two in here, I'll have to upsize it just a bit.

Hey there! I am using a DaVinci 1.0 and was curious what the best options to choose when printing. With the angled hinges and hollow lid, I was curious if I should use supports at all? Any other suggestions about what options would be great. Thank you!

I've never used that kind of printer, but we print these on our MakerBot machines without needing support material. A raft might not hurt, but we don't use them.

I also used the MakerBot for mine and I also didn't need supports. I did however use a raft and it turned out great!

My printer can't successfully print the lid without supports, but since the box and lid come as one shape, when I try to separate them, it messes up the shape and the whole thing doesn't print correctly. Is there any chance you could upload the box and lid separately?

Well, the link to the original model is in the description. You could open it in TinkerCAD and export the separate parts you need.

Comments deleted.

Any chance you can export your design as STEP? I'd like to mod it a bit and make it as a gift for my daughter.

I'd like to help you, but I don't know what that is.

STEP is a 3D model format that most 3D modeling tool can import.

I was just hoping to get your original design so that I can make some modifications. I tried to import the STL files into Autodesk tools but it was very hard to work with.

I'll really appreciate it if you can share the original design files with me.

BTW I'm pretty impressed by such a sophisticated design you came up with using TinkerCAD!

Great! Thank you so much!

STEP is a 3D model format that most 3D modeling tool can import.

I was just hoping to get your original design so that I can make some modifications. I tried to import the STL files into Autodesk tools but it was very hard to work with.

I'll really appreciate it if you can share the original design files with me.

is there a simple way to seperate the parts ? only got a fabrikator mini ;)

Oh, sure. You could use Meshmixer (free program) to do a plane cut and separate them that way.

Hi, great print! I made this for my boyfriend for a last-minute Christmas gift. I'm planning on priming and painting it so no pictures yet, but I do have a quick question: is there a way to keep the hinge pin from falling out? I love the hinge but every time I pick it up, the pin falls out. It is otherwise absolutely perfect. :)

1 i would add a little abs juice if abs make little drops on end so it wont slide thru
2 if pla or other heat metal with lighter an press to make mail head ends
3 print bar bigger
4 glue to hinge to little side brackets

Excellent design. Looks beautiful when printed! Gifting it to a friend who plays Warhammer. He leaves in the morning so I stayed up all night to get it ready. Heheheh. What are friends for? Thank you for this awesome model!

Constructive criticism:
Lid inside edging needs to be enlarged to fit around base top edging. I used the back edge of an X-acto blade to shave it down bit by bit until it fit.

The angled part of the key needed trimming. the cylinder part needs to be bigger to hold lid closed. or Lid key notch a bit smaller. Sadly I broke off the top of the outer keyhole right away. thicker would be better.

If the handle of the key was rotated 90 degrees, it would look more traditional. That said, it's still way cooler that generic boxes with no character... and NO KEY! heheh

Hey, thank you! Glad you like it. The copy I have fits together, but every machine/plate configuration has its variance. Mine was printed in the MakerBot bot farm, so I'm sure they had their specs down as far a Replicator 2 is concerned, but who knows how it'll come out on any other machine/material (I haven't had the same results on my home machine, for example). Definitely feel free to hack it though, change up the parts so it fits.

Oh I REALLY like it. It's a beautiful piece.
Printing our own hinge pin is also brilliant, because most builds I see with hinges expect you to find a metal pin the exact thickness you need. Your way is precisely scalable!

That makes sense. I'm still rather new to the scene.
I printed it with HIPS (all I could find locally on short notice as my shipment of PLA and ABS hasn't arrived yet). That could be a significant factor to part fitting.

Will do. I'll probably want to make one for myself in short order.

Can I suggest adding a "handle" onto the key please...I recently had my chest in my bag and when I pulled it out the key was flush with the chest. A pair of needle nose pliers remedied the issue but I figured adding some dimension to the handle area should prevent the key from being pushed inside the hole completely.
Thanks again!

Done and done! Uploaded it just now. Not too fancy, but it should work. Stoked to hear it's getting some use! Great print, by the way.

You rock mate! I will be printing another couple chests pretty soon with better colors and possibly I will try with some wood filament for a super authentic look and feel.
Thanks again and I gotta hand it to ya, you have some of the coolest 3d models on the web!

Hey, thank you! Much appreciated. Post pics! I really want to see how the wood grain comes out.

You might want to consider going into the original file and swapping out the straight key for the new key design if you can. Otherwise my printing came out pretty well, though the lid needs a little adjusting to close correctly.

You're going to have to stop with all these Kickstarters. Can't spend too much money. ;-)

Side Note: Had my first Wayfarer game this past Friday. Loved it!

Gah! I want to hear all about it!! Hit me up, I'd love to do a little write-up of your game experience on our blog.

Just curious, but when you say it will hold a set of d&d dice, is there room for extra? Cause I guess now 5th requires 2d20.

Do you mean because of advantage/disadvantage? My players just roll one d20 twice, but whatever rolls your boat :p
If you like to roll both at once, you will probably want a second set anyway so you can roll your 2d8 damage in one go, too, so just print two chests or play around with scaling (I suggest starting at 130%, that's more than double in volume)

Oh, I didn't know that! Well, let's say Pathfinder then ;-) But yes, I think about 130% should do it.

Shall I print with or without support?

No support needed for this one!

Awesome and thanks! I went ahead and printed without support @110% scale in purple ABS. I will post up my make later today!
Thanks for the sweet model. Perfect place for my freshly printed gaming dice. I recently designed a d4 (the 1st in my gaming dice series) and will post that as well.

Bummed I couldn't make it to the make-a-thon this weekend but will definitely print a few of these this week in your honor.

Man, no kidding. I would have liked to meet you. It was a blast. Next time for sure! Can't wait to see makes!