Black Nightmare Puzzle Box

by TimEdwards Feb 27, 2013
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Love it, cant wait to print it.
It would be awesome if someone with the knowledge could design something like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A-I5J19GKI) where you are solving the puzzle but when you think you have solved it because you've opened the box, there's still a secret compartment which you dont know about.

Thanks for the 4 plate version which I upscaled to 1.5 to print a larger puzzle.

Could your design be rearranged on 4 plates so I can print a larger model ( my printer 200x200mm)

How big, someabouts, is the storage compartment on the finished box, assuming it's printed as downloaded without any scaling?

It's 1 1/4" long by 7/8" wide by 7/8" deep. So a volume of approximately 1 cubic inch
(3.2 cm x 1.4 cm x 1.4 cm)

Hi I need some help, as I need the file split a bit more to reprint some parts that failed. Could you please, since I'm completely clueless with OpenSCAD, split up Plate A so as to contain only the Center middle tier piece, outter sliders, and bottom part with pegs? I'd appreciate it. The print failed twice, once due to a power outage, and once due to a jam (Never had a mid-print jam before on this printer, wouldn't you know it.). Thank you a bunch in advance.

If you private-message me with an email address, I'll create it and send it to you.

Hi! Trying to find build instructions...can't find the pdf? Help!!! Lol

My own set of instructions are in the download section. . . look there.

I have copies of Bruce Viney's original instructions and solution, so I have posted them in the downloads section. I noticed that I could not reach the URL given on the first page of my instructions, so I figured it would be worth posting a copy of each.

Never thought to weigh it before. But since you ask, I put mine on the scale and it weighs 60 grams.

How much does it weight?

Okay, I have fixed the documentation and reposted the instructions and the corresponding SCAD file with the corrections. Many apologies for having a rotated front side .

Good catch. It's hard enough to put together without errors in the instructions. . .

BE AWARE, the pieces are correctly sized, but the build instructions are straight up wrong. there's an obvious error that can be noticed before the thing is even built, but after I built it according to the instructions given in the .pdf here and wasn't able to solve it, I went to the original website to find out that these instructions say to put one of the faces is on upside down. the instructional pdf here says to put the front face on upside down, as well as mixing up the names for the front and back faces.... Luckily I was able to rip the face off and glue it on proper.

So, NOTE TO FUTURE BUILDERS, If you are going to make this, make sure that you find the original schematics after you print the pieces, (the pieces are correct but the build instructions are very much not) and make sure there is lots of clearance for the pins to fit into the grooves of the front and back faces before you glue anything, so that everything slides smoothly. I'm going to print and assemble another one at 150% scale, as this one is quite small. The original is ~170% the size of this model.