Spiral Vase

by Yllonnoce Nov 18, 2014
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Printed this vase very pleasing to the eye love the design

Just printed one at 50% size in white PLA on my Dremel 3D45 and sliced in vase mode in Simplify3D - it looks absolutely exquisite, you couldn't tell it was made on a 3D printer!

Looks stunning in Sunlu transparent PLA+

This vase printed awesome in PLA and I just moved to PETG and it printed Perry good as well, love it!

Maybe somebody made this model in openscad?

"I was pretty impressed with the results. I have included the source file for the Creo modeling express version. It is a free download and has been super powerful to use and fairly easy to figure out."
Ha-ha. It's a crazy system . I have two hours not being able to activate it. I don't know why they did it. What for?
The program is free but to register I can't but the activation code it gives but the activation code is not suitable.Crazy.

prints great and is water tight in pet g in vase mode

why does the hollow one have an extra tube inside?

What resolution/settings/material are people printing this at? I'm printing at .2 with PLA and probably a little too fast (60mm/s) and it has gaps/holes every once in a while. It's such a fast print though I don't mind doing another one. I'm thinking about printing the next one at 40mm/s, possibly .1


I'm just trying PETG (Prusa), resolution 0,15 mm with bigger 0,6 mm nozzle. I don't know about speed, as Prusa Control set it automatically for this material, but I lowered value to 90% anyway.

same. was really hoping it to be waterproof

hey guys and thanks for the amazing design, I was wondering how long does it take to print this using different printers?

Roughly 2 hours at 60mm/s @ .2 and scaled up to vertically fill up my 200x200x180 printer.

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Very nice. Good job.

Very nice. Good job.

I made several of these in Glow-in-the-Dark ABS for Christmas presents, they were a huge hit. Thanks!

hi mate what setting did you use and what filament brand was it thank you for your help in advanc3

Slic3r has a mode that is called spiral that only will print the periphery in a single path. Check your printing program to see if it has that setting. I used ABS and PLA for this and it worked great on either type.

Thank you for the reply mate may I also ask the recommended wall thickness for spiral mode and recommended speed for pla

Thank you for that! I get a lot of compliments on your design, now I can make more without the cutting and sanding. Awesome!

Added hollow version for citizen "iNeedColor" Have fun.

I just completed this make on my DaVinci 1.0. It is a very nice design.


Since the XYZware is rudimentary, there is no provision to customize the build too much. I would suggest that since this is a vase that maybe a hole at the top would be nice to have,

Mine completed with a solid top since there is none in the file.


its a really nice vise and i wanted to print one for my wife! Maybe i made something wrong, but if i load the STL file in Cura, the vase is closed it has no opening on the top. What can i do to get the opening in vase?

I use slic3r and it has a vase setting but i think i can help you a bit. Open expert settings and disable "Solid infill top" under Infill.
I would also enable "Spiralize the outer contour" under Black magic if you are printing it with 1 layer walls to make it smooth on the outside

Yeah! Thanks! Now its correct!