Sioux Falls Cathedral - South Dakota, USA

by MiniWorld Nov 18, 2014
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I made one! I was very impressed, the detail is extremely accurate "I would know I drive by it every day". Here is a link to a timelapse of the video of the Cathedral.

I live in Sioux falls and although am not Catholic I was amazed to see this!

Thank you! We're glad to spark that "wow" when people see the landmarks they see everyday as a printable file :)

I am printing this as I type, I will likely print a larger one, Can you add to your drawing a recess in the center Bottom to accommodate an electric Tea Light, I did that on my train bridge and it gives a nice effect for the Christmas Village. I can not figure out how to modify the drawing you have, Thanks Bill

Hi heidebill! I have done exactly that! I made it into a lamp using an electric Tea Light, what I did was cut-off the Tea light's "legs" (the 3 stumps) and also chop the plastic "flame" to the height that fits, then it rests perfectly inside. Also, you can always scale big enough for it to house the light without chopping it.

Hope it helps, ask me more if you have doubts.

Do you have the revised drawing, or do I just reload the existing file? On my Train Bridge I had to trim the Tea Light as well. Bill

I am sorry, I am traveling right now and I'm unable to do so, please reload it bigger, 2x should do. Thank you!

Hi Guys,
Is that the way you print it standing like that? Ian guessing it will need lots of supports?

Hi @thomo12g !

It needs no support at all!!! If you look closely, there are no roofs or overhangs, everything is pretty pyramidal. Just print it like that and it needs no support. It will rise just like being built in real life.

It does require infill though, but a quick trick we tried to save time and material is to split it in two: one half from the ground to right before the angled roof of the main hall, and the other the roof and the towers. If you do so, the first half (bottom) does not need infill, it can be hollow.

Give it a try either way: print it and show us pictures! :D

Oh great thank you, Yes planning on printing it very soon and Yes I will for sure post a made picture. Do you guys know what size I would scale this to to suit N-Scale for train model?

Thanks again :)

Wow! This is stunning! I used to live next door to St Joseph's Cathedral and I would often watch the first golden rays of sunrise hit the top of the towers and wash downwards as the sun rose. I've often wondered when someone would finally recreate this gorgeous landmark. Thank you so much!

Absolutely! Thank YOU! That right there is why MiniWorld exists.... to make people like you feel what you are feeling, that's the power of a simple tiny model! Please share it with people you know, we work everyday to bring more landmarks from all around the world. Stay tuned because we want to release the Falls Park model and some other stuff, do you own a printer so you can print this? We'd love to see a picture of your own!