Leonardo da Vinci inspired glider

by ripper Oct 2, 2015
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Nice model. Thanks for posting this.

I wish people would stop only providing DXF files ... not everyone has AutoCAD or converters. Trying to convert this - which I really want- has failed and produces mismatched drawings.

I must agree with Woggin's suggestion with the wingspan, as I have printed many gliders, and they seem to fly straighter and longer with covered bottoms. But overall, it is beautiful and air worthy.

I agree with you, I just thought it would be cool to make the internal structure visible.
I want to make this glider bigger and then try it out with covered bottom side of the wings!

That is beautiful, very nicely done, a tip though, covering the bottom surface of the wing will add more lift and reduce drag. And yes as you said, a vertical stab will aid stability.

What is the overall wingspan of this model?

Hope your ok with it, I've reposted this in a printable segmented STL file, http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1049693
if you have any issues, please feel free to message me.

Leonardo da Vinci inspired glider in stl
by woggin

Well, I thought about covering the bottom of the wings but since I only had very little money for my workshop I scrapped that. It flies quite well anyway. The vertical stab isn't in any of the drawings Leonardo da Vinci made, so I didn't add it.

The wingspan is about 550mm.

I like your printable version, that's what I like about Thingiverse! I hope I can see a printed glider made soon!