Greek Wall Art - Laser Cut

by robyward Jan 11, 2011
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Could this be cut on a cnc router?

I think this is lyrics of that song:

and this part:
Let your tender hair fall down in a mess untidy
let it blow wildly in the southern wind
Now that your adolescence is in youthful full bloom
Let your tender hair fall down in a mess untidy

How can I purchase one? I live in the USA.

You could always download the design and send it to a laser cutter in the USA. Sorry but I live in Australia, or I could cut one for you.

Looks very nice. How did you finish it? Is that a stain or paint?

I stained the MDF and as it was drying just ran the half dry paint brush long ways down the part which gave it a more authentic wood grain look. Most can't tell that it's just MDF.

It a neat little trick which I think I'll use again. I like cutting MDF as it so flat and consistent.

Cool, does indeed sounds like a nice trick. I take it you're using an air assist on your laser to cut the MDF?

Yeah I do use air assist on all my cutting. Works awesome and stops flair ups. I've even cut 12mm MDF on my 120W Origin Laser machine. I don't have a video of the machine cutting MDF but her is a video of the laser cutting 3mm ply with air assist.


Do you have air assist on your laser? :-D