Low RPM Axial Flux Generator Cell v3

by BenRowland Feb 27, 2013
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I Built this Project first as described my magnets were 19mm not 18mm (they were .35 cent cheaper). I got almost the exact output shown in the video. He got about 4 volts Peak to Peak i got 4.2-4.4 depending how hard i manually twisted it. I stick a small DC motor running 4.5VDC i can get 6-7VAC out but amps are really low.

This is a really nice little project

I used Plastic laminate sheets from staples to hold my parts together instead of glue that way it was easy to take apart and change things.

Did you ever finish the motor assembly? Also, can you recommend a wiring diagram that illustrates the way you wired the coils together as opposed to describing it in the text? I would like to try to build one of these and it's hard to understand what you did with the wires from your text description on the instructions....

I never actually drove a load other than the LED in the vid but I am working on this project again now that it's sunny outside so I expect to have a fully working wind turbine by the end of the summer. Hoping for at least a couple of watts to drive a trickle charger. Will post results as soon as I have them.
The main thing that put me off the project was winding the coils so at the moment I am working on an automatic coil winding thing using a stepper to rotate the coil and a servo to position to incoming copper. I will also publish this once the design is stable.

I have started to make this as well but wont be using neo's, as I found a pack of 8 ceramic ones for $2.50 at a local bits and pieces shop that sells $2 dollar stuff, cheap and nasty and under powered but will do for testing,, and yeah a coil winder is essential, I just made 2 blocks (sandwiching) did a cut out with the coil bobbins, and a hole for a long screw and will probably use a battery drill to keep it simple.

The ceramic magnets are around 200 gause to 500,,, roughly.

Hello wanted to drop in and say your design was the insperation and start for me to try to make one design to...http://http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:268802www.thingiverse.com/thing:2688...

Windturbine with alternetor
by Hopepie
Printable Catapult

Looking great! Nice to see my turbine in use.

When I am done with my current project I will probably give your generator a shot. I really like the idea that it is stackable.

Good Job.

I think a video would definitely help a lot.

I'll see what I can do. I'll provide a video update on the weekend when I've done some more testing of the fully assembled cell and got a set of results plotting D.C. wattage vs rotation speed.

Just saw the video! Very nice! Definitely helps illustrate the design.